31 gennaio 2017

(John Wetton, 1949-2017)

30 gennaio 2017

Per la produzione del suo primo box antologico la Cuneiform Records mira in alto: l'annunciato e atteso 44 1/2 degli Art Zoyd, 12 cd audio e 2 dvd video completamente inediti, con un libro biografico e commemorativo di una cinquantina di pagine e una speciale t-shirt in regalo per chi prenota il tutto in anticipo. Cioè ora, presso Wayside Music: http://tinyurl.com/j624aom

This 14-disc set is an outgrowth of the celebration of the decades of Art Zoyd’s far-sighted musical work. Every CD is filled to the bursting with nearly 80' of music. There are basically eight CDs of live recordings stretching from the years 1972-2004 and four CDs of studio recordings, sketches and outtakes from 1980-2005. Of the two DVDs, one is comprised of historical television appearances from the late 70s into the end of the 80s and the other being the entire performance of their celebration at the RIO Festival in 2015.


29 gennaio 2017

Non è la prima volta che elementi delle cartelle cliniche personali vengono utilizzati da qualche musicista quale materiale grafico per accompagnare i propri lavori - degli anni recenti vengono in mente gli esempi di Derek Bailey, Jon Rose e Bertrand Burgalat - ma qui non è solo la copertina del nuovo album di Keith Rowe, The Room Extended (Erstwhile, 2016), a segnalare qualcosa di incombente e profondo nello stato di salute del benamato artista e chitarrista. Ne parla estesamente Brian Olewnick, suo biografo, al blog Just Outside: "I first noticed the tremor in Keith's right hand on a visit to his home in Vallet in the summer of 2014. Presumably it had existed for some time although while I was in Paris (from February 2013) we saw Keith several times a year and I hadn't picked up anything before. When I returned to Vallet in November for two concerts in honor of Christian Wolff's 80th birthday, Wolff at one point asked him directly about the shaking and Keith replied that they were having examinations but it might well be Parkinson's which, in fact, it turned out to be. The Room Extended was begun in 2013 and completed in 2016. Death had always been on his mind, often talked about very matter-of-factly, but, as clearly indicated by the cover image of his brain (a pre-Parkinson's diagnosis scan for a possible tumor), one assumes a permeation of this concern over most of the course of the construction of the present work. [...] The overall feeling I get from the piece is one man, sitting at his work space in his small loft in the converted cellier in Vallet, letting all the sounds, remembered and ongoing, filter in, mixing with his knowledge of what's occurring in the world (one is tempted to read an uncritical demographic observation in the increasing presence of Islamic music as the piece develops) and, always, with the acknowledgement of the certainty of death. His upcoming recording with Michael Pisaro deals with the Venerable Bede's analogy of life: a sparrow flying into a mead hall where a raucous feast is taking place and quickly flying out a window on the opposite side. Here, amidst a whirlpool of sound, from radios, news commentaries, orchestras, guitars and electronics, at the very last, an alarmed voice speaking in Spanish is abruptly cut off. Then nothing."


28 gennaio 2017

Una dozzina di partecipanti agli incontri di improvvisazione tenuti a Londra da Eddie Prévost a cadenza prima settimanale (il venerdì) e poi mensile (presso il Cafe Oto) si riunisce questa sera all'Iklectik per una rara interpretazione integrale del lavoro di Cornelius Cardew Treatise (1963-1967). Proiezioni alle spalle dei musicisti permetteranno al pubblico di seguire in tempo reale lo scorrere della celebre partitura grafica (193 pagine).
In una nota al programma si legge: "Once described as “The Mount Everest of graphic scores”, Treatise raises questions about the purpose and interpretation of scores, forcing the performers to rethink their engagement with both the intentions of the composer, and their own instruments. Rather than organising the performers in the usual manner of a score, Treatise engages the performers using the uncertainties of notation, magnified to such a degree by the composer that the performer must rely, in the moment, upon their experience and intuition as they respond to the score and to their fellow performers alike. It is modestly hoped that this performance will help to highlight that Cardew remains an extremely important modern British composer who passed on much too young, and we hope to honor him and his legacy."


27 gennaio 2017

Si tiene a Bergen (Norvegia) questo fine settimana l'edizione 2017 del festival di musica senza musica Off The Page. Al cuore del programma conferenze, incontri, interviste pubbliche, performance radiofoniche, una mostra-mercato e una rassegna di video documentari di tema musicale: tra questi domani c'è anche Free Will and Testament-The Robert Wyatt Story (2003), in perfetto tempismo con il compleanno del Nostro.

Have you ever been to a concert and felt that the conversation you had at the bar about the music was just as interesting as the music on stage? Off The Page turns down the volume on stage and directs the spotlight to the conversation. At Landmark in Bergen Kunsthall you will meet musicians, writers, composers, critics and artists who gather to talk about and explore ideas around music - why it means so much and how it can make a difference in our lives. With Off The Page, we want to bridge the genre gaps and focus on the ideas behind and around music. The festival is structured as a live version of the music magazine The Wire, with talks, lectures, panels and performances. We also present a set of relevant films about music and a rich, alternative music market.


26 gennaio 2017

Una lettura fortemente romantica del periodo berlinese, con pertinenti agganci ad epoche precedenti o successive (da Station to Station a Blackstar), nozioni di contesto (Kurt Weill, Philip Glass, Lou Reed, Kraftwerk, Iggy Pop) e tanto di finale strappalacrime (Where Are We Now?): quello diretto e curato negli arrangiamenti da Hans Ek, pur con qualche eccesso, potrebbe essere il miglior omaggio a David Bowie prodotto a tutt'oggi, a un anno dalla scomparsa. Certo superiore a quelli dell'anno scorso a Londra o New York, o di pochi giorni fa a Los Angeles e Melbourne: fan testo finora le prove di Gothenburg, lo scorso ottobre, e di Stoccolma, a dicembre. Bowie in Berlin.


25 gennaio 2017

Jaki Liebezeit (1938-2017)

24 gennaio 2017

E un grazioso omaggio grafico viene riservato su YT anche al classico Recommended Sampler, bibbia tascabile d'epoca 1982 di ogni cosa ReR: "Originally released in 1982, then slowly becoming a prized collectors' item, this is a collection of specially commissioned and (at the time) newly recorded pieces by the most interesting groups and individuals then in the Recommended catalogue. Reappearing in 2008 as a re-mastered CD reissue, it remains an indispensable snapshot of the range and musical brilliance of this critical moment in the history of a small community of left-field groups struggling towards new musical languages. The breadth of imagination displayed is exemplary and it is amazing how fresh and original this music still sounds, and how much things have changed in 35 years."


23 gennaio 2017

Dalla Slovacchia un curioso omaggio di compleanno a Chris Cutler confezionato da Ivo Ponduša - appassionato di videoauguri - e consegnato tramite YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9X7Q2llSYw

22 gennaio 2017

Maggie Roche (1951-2017)

21 gennaio 2017

Un'ora in compagnia delle scelte musicali di Annette Peacock nella puntata di domenica scorsa del programma di Stuart Maconie Freakier Zone per BBC Radio 6 Music: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b088nf5j

American composer, writer, arranger and vocalist Annette Peacock chooses an hour of music from Jeff Beck, Albert Ayler, Tito Rodriguez, The Notorious B.I.G. and Cecil Taylor. The Quietus call her a 'stone cold original' and Annette has been a true trailblazer, starting as a child prodigy she married Gary Peacock age 19, hung out with Albert Ayler, turned down David Bowie's invitation to tour with him, convinced Robert Moog to give her a prototype Moog synthesiser and proceeded to sing into it, something no one else had thought of at the time. Annette's lyrics cover sex, culture, innuendo and aspirations with sass and intelligence, in her own words "danger is nourishment for the brave".

20 gennaio 2017

Inizia oggi la diffusione presso Seventh Records dell'atteso documento video contenente l'intera trilogia Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré, ovvero K.A, Köhntarkösz e per l'appunto Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré. Le riprese sono tratte dai concerti tenuti dai Magma al club Le Triton a Les Lilas (Francia) nel novembre 2014, i primi all'epoca a presentare l'opera nella sua versione integrale. Nel doppio dvd c'è spazio anche per un'estesa - quasi due ore! - intervista a Christian Vander, A la croisee des temps.

Initiée en 1973, sa composition voit donc son plein accomplissement après près de quatre décennies. Elle témoigne d’une inspiration résolument intemporelle, dont le présent prégnant s’affirme par-delà l’histoire. Enchaînant de larges tableaux contrastés, elle pose sa cohérence au sein de sa dynamique même, jouant du clair-obscur, entre faste choral, jubilation lyrique et ouragan des esprits d’outre-tombe. Ainsi, découvertes jadis dans des contextes dispersés, les différentes parties trouvent-elles ici leur véritable souffle, à l'aune de l'ample foulée d'une œuvre désormais entière, achevée dans le pavois d'un Grand Final.
Inclus dans ce double DVD A la croisee des temps, 115 minutes de conversations avec Christian Vander sur la composition des 3 mouvements de cette trilogie, ses creusées et ses étirements, ses ancrages et ses bifurcations et cette approche singulière qui ne cesse d’être à l’œuvre au cœur de la musique de Magma.


19 gennaio 2017

Dopo Elitism For The People e Architecture Of Language è pronto un nuovo box antologico con le ristampe in vinile dei lavori dei Pere Ubu scandite con i criteri di periodizzazione della rilettura storica (in questo caso saremmo a Modern Era, prima di Orange Period e dopo Historical Era e Fontana Years). Si intitola Drive, He Said e copre l'epoca 1994-2002 con gli album Raygun Suitcase, Pennsylvania e St Arkansas, più alcuni brani extra raccolti in Back Roads. Lo si può prenotare già ora via Ubutique o Bandcamp.

'Drive, He Said' is the third box set from Fire Records and will be released March 10, 2017. Orders are being taken now at Ubutique with a limited special offer of an original 7" colored vinyl single of 'Slow Walking Daddy' included. 'Drive, He Said' brings together the albums 'Raygun Suitcase' (1995), 'Pennsylvania' (1998), 'St Arkansas' (2002) and a 12" disc of extras, 'Back Roads,' which features outtakes and studio mixes, as well as a live recording of 'SAD.TXT' from Transmusicales Festival in France, 1998. All tracks have been re-mixed to take advantage of the latest technology and the original version of 'Electricity' is reinstated with the vocals that were considered "too brutal" at the time of recording.


18 gennaio 2017

Questione di pochi giorni ancora e saranno pronte per la generalità del pubblico le prime pubblicazioni del 2017 di Cuneiform Records. Degne di grande attenzione, certamente: l'attesissimo nuovo album dei Thinking Plague Hoping Against Hope, le disinvolte avventure blues del Microscopic Septet Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down to Me e due esilaranti volumi di musiche non-americane degli anni Sessanta e Settanta confezionati dalla Ed Palermo Big Band, The Great Un​-​American Songbook.


17 gennaio 2017

Slittata di qualche giorno la presentazione in concerto dell'album Four Quartets, nell'ambito dei festeggiamenti dei vent'anni di attività della Confront Recordings, si tiene questa sera al Cafe Oto londinese l'esibizione di Tom Jackson, Ashley-John Long, Benedict Taylor e Keith Tippett. Con la piacevolissima aggiunta di un inedito duetto di Mark Wastell, fondatore e instancabile animatore dell'etichetta, con Julie Tippetts.

Keith Tippett was unable to perform at Oto recently due to ill health. He felt a strong commitment to the project and it is with great pleasure that Confront Recordings present this rescheduled concert. Jackson / Long / Taylor / Tippett make their premiere performance tonight. Their recently released debut CD ‘Four Quartets’ is available from Confront Recordings. Also making their premiere performance and exclusively conceived for this presentation - a very special duet from Julie Tippetts and Mark Wastell.


16 gennaio 2017

Non c'è solo la riduzione a un solo concerto quotidiano - anziché due - tra le novità per il club newyorkese The Stone: più importante, in prospettiva, il cambio di sede annunciato per la primavera del prossimo anno. Scrive John Zorn, direttore artistico del benemerito locale: "The one constant in NYC is change and after 13 years in the East Village and 7500 performances The Stone will be closing its doors. February 2018 will be our last month at Avenue C and 2nd street. We hope to secure a new location and discussions are proceeding but as yet nothing has been definitely decided. All of us at The Stone extend heartfelt thanks to the musicians who have performed here, the volunteers who have kept it running, our patrons who have given generously to help cover our expenses and to our audience for its support. We do hope you will all enjoy this last year in our historic underground East Village location and that you will all follow the music wherever it leads. Venues come and go but the music continues on forever!"


15 gennaio 2017

Esce con il titolo Curse Go Back una selezione di importanti registrazioni di William Burroughs prodotte su nastro con metodi simili ai suoi cut-ups cartacei durante i suoi intermittenti soggiorni a Londra tra gli anni Cinquanta e Settanta. Non si tratta di inediti in assoluto, anzi una ben più ampia scelta di questi stessi materiali venne proposta nel 1998 in un cd allegato (senza autorizzazione) al primo numero della rivista francese Crash: il titolo allora era Electronic Revolution, come un celebre saggio dello scrittore, ma di fatto ne circolarono pochissime copie. Oggi la veste è un suggestivo vinile trasparente - destinato anch'esso a divenire oggetto raro - per la londinese Paradigm Discs.

William Burroughs was in and out of London from the mid-50s through to 1974 and for several years quite settled in a flat near Piccadilly. During this latter time he developed and refined the techniques he used for creating cut-ups on tape. Working closely with Ian Sommerville, who helped acquire, and no doubt maintain, the various tape recorders that Burroughs used and abused in these experimental works. The work here is in 2 sections, which in their original form lasted for over an hour and first appeared in 1998 under the name Electronic Revolution as a free CD with issue one of the French magazine Crash.


14 gennaio 2017

Il divertimento è pressoché assicurato con la collezione ora definitiva dei singoli prodotti in carriera da Sun Ra tra il 1952 e il 1991, grazie a Strut Records: Sun Ra ‎– Singles (The Definitive 45's Collection 1952–1991). E si può sceglierne il formato: cd, digitale, vinile e strabilianti repliche in sette pollici...

The immense output of Sun Ra and his many backing bands, coupled with the limited production of many of his releases has long defied dedicated collectors. Parallel to a vast list of LP releases, Sun Ra released numerous 45 RPM singles; one-off meteorites from his prolific cosmic journey. Working closely with Sun Ra LLC and Art Yard Records, it is with great pride that Strut presents a definitive collection of the rare singles released by Sun Ra across his illustrious career, spanning 1952 to 1991. Released prolifically during the 1950s and more sporadically thereafter, primarily on the Saturn label, the 45s trace the development of Sun Ra’s forward-thinking “Space-Bop” and his unique take on jazz and blues traditions which remains unlike anything else from the period. As with his LPs, most 45s were only pressed in small runs and have since become extremely rare and sought after. Some have only been discovered in physical form in recent years; some were planned and penciled but allegedly never made it to vinyl and some appeared as one-off magazine singles and posthumous releases. Singles: The Definitive 45 Collection is released in one volume on CD, and two volumes on vinyl across two release dates.


13 gennaio 2017

Il revisionismo dei Residents colpisce ancora, e stavolta di venerdì tredici: completamente rinnovato da oggi il sito web ufficiale, con nuovi archivi, nuovi negozi, nuovi canali di comunicazione tra curiosi e appassionati e un nuovo bignamino ready-made a uso delle più giovani generazioni di studenti e biografi. Con un annuncio bomba: il ricostituirsi in quartetto - dopo la lunga stagione in trio di Randy, Chuck & Bob in qualità di Residents Cover Band - sotto sigla The Real (?) Residents. Il debutto è attesissimo a Tokyo, con sei concerti tra il 21 e il 23 marzo prossimi.

Alternately seen as a rock band, an arts collective and a spirit, The Residents have been regarded as icons in the world of experimental music for over forty years. In addition to their groundbreaking work in the areas of trance, world fusion, electronica, punk, industrial and lounge music, the group has also been credited with being among the originators of performance art and music video. Their early videos are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and their Freak Show CD-ROM was featured in MOMA's "Looking at Music 3.0" exhibition. Their four decade long career has also taken them into the world of film and television music, having scored numerous films and TV series as well as several projects for MTV. In addition, the group is also thriving in the world of digital media having released ten DVDs, and two internet series.
Recently, performing as Randy, Chuck & Bob, the group celebrated its 40th anniversary with a trilogy of tours: The Talking Light, Wonder of Weird and Shadowland. No longer content to merely impersonate a band, The Residents unexpectedly morphed into a power trio, gleefully plundering their vast catalog of music to the delight to their fans. Not content to rest upon their justly lauded laurels, the group is currently reforming as a four piece combo that will celebrate its debut at the prestigious Blue Note jazz club in Tokyo.


12 gennaio 2017

Ristampa in vinile anche per il primo album di Peter CusackAfter Being In Holland For Two Years (1977): allora uscì in proprio per l'etichetta Bead, oggi lo rimette in circolazione Blume in elegante edizione a tiratura limitata.

Peter Cusack’s debut long player from 1977 is a peak into one of the most varied and experimental musical scrapbooks you are likely to hear. Infused with natural sounds and a healthy dose of musical abstraction, it is difficult to pigeonhole this record into any genre. It is the kind of record you wished existed while nothing really came close to the mark. A solo album of guitar and environmental sounds, a montage filled with montages where references to and resonances of varied, often disparate soundworlds spill in every direction. The music manages to be both blatant and covert at the same time; it’s clearly, acutely disjointed and polyvocal yet strangely out of focus in regard to intent.  But that’s a thing about montages: by having nothing lead causally, conventionally to the next, a radical, imaginary simultaneity occurs; you continue to experience the presence of each previous section (even though you no longer hear them) even as a new one abruptly presents itself - all this without the actual physical interference that happens with collage.


11 gennaio 2017

Edizioni e riedizioni non sono mancate in passato, anche con cospicue integrazioni rispetto ai materiali pubblicati in origine, ma questa dovrebbe essere la prima volta che viene ristampato in vinile il celebre lavoro di Tony Conrad con i Faust Outside The Dream Syndicate. Apparve in Europa nel 1973 inaugurando una sussidiaria della Virgin, Caroline; ora lo rimette in circolazione negli Stati Uniti Superior Viaduct.

Così a un certo punto ne rammentò la genesi Conrad: "I was approached by a filmmaker in New York, who was aware of my music, who was from Hamburg, and he told me that he knew a producer who would be interested in me, and that maybe we could make a record. So we set up a date, and as a matter of fact, at the time I had been working as an electronics technician for a small company that was planning to send me to Paris. That was because I was good at sales, and we were going to have an expo in Paris. But then the kid who owned the company got his college roommate to learn the electronics instead of me boning up on my French, and his roommate went and I stayed at home. So I quit, and decided to go to Europe anyway. La Monte had been commissioned to do a room for Documenta in '72 and he hired me to be his engineer. So I did that, and when I was finished, I showed my films around, and went to Berlin, because I had, something more than a decade earlier, spent half a year bumming around in East Berlin, and I had all of these friends from this very strange scene, which is now part of some history that is so weird and gone that no one will ever understand how strange it was. But it was the most extraordinary situation I was ever in in my life, and I wanted to go back and hang out with my friends in East Berlin.
And after I did that, I flew to Hamburg, and was met by Uwe Nettelbeck, who took me to this farmhouse, and there were these people hanging around out there, I didn't know who they were. It was these people Faust. And they had been, to some substantial degree, incarcerated in this farmhouse for months, and they had their partners and sexual liaisons and different social complexities enacted on a long-term basis within this farmhouse. It was a microcosm, where everything seemed to have been evolving in some strange way over the course of months and months. It was no wonder that they really didn't really have a lot of involvement with me, and I thought of them as musicians that I could use in my record. But Uwe said that they wanted to do stuff too, so we did one that was my style, and one that was more like a rock 'n' roll style. That's how there's two sides."


10 gennaio 2017

Rende ampio omaggio a Joëlle Léandre e ai suoi quarant'anni di attività l'etichetta polacca Not Two Records pubblicando un box antologico con suoi otto concerti ufficialmente inediti con Evan Parker, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Agusti Fernandez, Iréne Schweizer, Fred Frith, Mat Maneri, Zlatko Kaucic, Lauren Newton e Maggie Nicols in varie formazioni in solo, duo, trio e quartetto: A Woman's Work.


09 gennaio 2017

Senza troppo riposare sullo sfolgorante successo dell'edizione del trentennale, all'Alter Schlachthof di Wels (Austria) già si guarda al prossimo appuntamento del Music Unlimited, il trentunesimo, quando alla guida della programmazione artistica ci sarà anche Mary Halvorson. Le date sono dal 10 al 12 novembre 2017. Informazioni: https://www.facebook.com/festivalmusicunlimitedwels

08 gennaio 2017

Tra i documenti del Festival Météo della scorsa estate pubblicati su YT - e presentati anche da A l'improviste, di France Musique - c'è un bel concerto del Green Dome Trio di Zeena Parkins con Ryan Ross SmithRyan Sawyer, registrato il 26 agosto 2016 al Noumatrouff di Mulhouse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI4jj4iyKTM


07 gennaio 2017

Nel repertorio progressive rock Karaoke di Shijima Hiiragi offerto al sito Chord of Life son finite anche Sea Song e O Caroline: http://tinyurl.com/gv7aafe. Wow?

06 gennaio 2017

Puntuale come l'arrivo dei Magi giunge ogni gennaio la newsletter di Jean-Paul Marillier con il riassunto delle novità wyattiane dell'anno appena concluso e le aggiunte ai preziosissimi archivi di Une discografie de Robert Wyatt. E non manca la tradizionale selezione di file audio e video consigliati. Grazie!


05 gennaio 2017

E' da poco disponibile anche in dvd un nuovo affascinante film documentario di Werner Penzel, Zen for Nothing (Recycled TV, 2016), centrato sugli insegnamenti zazen di Kodo Sawaki e sulla vita nel tempio di Antaiji (Giappone). Autore delle musiche, di nuovo al fianco di Penzel dopo Step Across The Border e Middle Of The Moment, è Fred Frith. Un antefatto radiofonico - con la complicità anche di Ikue Mori - si è prodotto l'anno scorso presso Bayerischer Rundfunk/Bayern 2: ZEN is the biggest lie of all times.

Versteckt in den bewaldeten Bergen an der Westküste Japans liegt das kleine Zen-Kloster Antaiji. Eine junge Frau macht sich auf den Weg, um von Herbst bis Frühjahr einzutauchen in das Abenteuer klösterlichen Lebens. Die junge Frau ist Sabine Timoteo aus Bern. Der Abt des Klosters ist Muho Nölke, geboren in Berlin ("Zazen oder Der Weg zum Glück"). Zen for Nothing ist ein Zusammenspiel der Philosophie des japanischen Zen-Meisters Kodo Sawaki mit den Überraschungen des Alltags.


04 gennaio 2017

I nostri più affettuosi auguri a Chris Cutler, nel giorno del suo settantesimo compleanno. Le sue idee e il suo operato come musicista, scrittore, attivista e pensatore critico sono state e continuano ad essere un punto di riferimento imprescindibile nel quadro delle musiche innovatrici contemporanee. Cheers!

03 gennaio 2017

Termina domani per Battiti il lodevolissimo recupero di alcuni concerti di Un certo discorso organizzati a suo tempo da Pasquale Santoli: stavolta è il turno di Mike Westbrook con Tommaso Vittorini e la Big Band della Rai, ripresi al Teatro Giulio Cesare di Roma, il 28 aprile 1980. In programma brani di Mingus, dello stesso Vittorini e di Westbrook su Blake e Rimbaud. A partire dalle 24:00 su Radio Rai 3.


02 gennaio 2017

Non tutti avranno potuto procurarsi il nuovo album dei Negativland Over the Edge Vol. 9: The Chopping Channel nella specialissima confezione contenente le ultime tracce - letteralmente! - del compianto Don Joyce (1944-2015), né aggirare i problemi creati da PayPal al momento della prenotazione. Il lavoro è tornato ora regolarmente disponibile per la generalità del pubblico, con un piccolo risarcimento graziosamente offerto da Wobbly, nel gruppo ormai in pianta stabile: Independent Therapy.

Scrive Wobbly: "The Chopping Channel began as a 'band' that would perform on Negativland's Over The Edge radio program, and consisted of Don Joyce, Peter Conheim, myself, and usually a visiting guest fourth member (which, over the years, included: Yasuhiro Otani, David Wills, Vicki Bennett, Katie Vida, Thomas Dimuzio, and Porest). Material created for 'The Chopping Channel' would often end up incorporated into Negativland studio pieces, and the dividing line between the two groups pretty much evaporated when I formally joined Negativland a few years ago. (That technically makes this CD my first appearance as a member of the group, although that's been a fairly arbitrary line to draw for a while now). About 66% of the audio for the disc was taken from the December 20th, 2007 episode 'World Radio World' featuring Mark Gergis (aka Porest), an mp3 edit of which appeared on my website a while back. The CD version is extensively reedited from that mp3 release, adding a lot of new material and a drastically revised ending, all taken from the February 19th, 2009 sequel 'World Radio World II'. If previous OTE CDs were a bit more archival in nature, trying to capture the spontaneous feeling of the improvised broadcasts, this new CD is without a doubt the most audibly re-edited in the series."


01 gennaio 2017

L'adulazione nei confronti dei Residents non conosce confini, specialmente a Natale. Lo testimonia in questi giorni la gran varietà di brani, versioni, messaggi e contributi giunti a indirizzo degli araldi di Santa Dog da ogni parte del mondo in quantità sufficienti a compilare ben quattro album, più uno avvolto nel mistero, più altri due in arrivo tra poco. Il fenomeno impazza su FB e Bandcamp con sigla Who Killed Ralph? ed è governato dai quartieri di Peterborough (Regno Unito) e quelli di un'incognita sede norvegese.