08 maggio 2021


E a proposito di futuro, e di sguardo al passato, Cornelius Cardew ultimò We Sing For The Future poco prima di morire travolto da un'auto nel dicembre 1981: lo hanno ricordato ieri nel giorno del suo compleanno in Other Minds ripescando un'intervista, rilasciata nel pieno della sua seconda fase artistica, in un programma radiofonico dove egli stesso eseguì Four Principles on Ireland e Long Live Chairman Mao.

Born in 1936, Cardew had a traditional music education, studying composition and piano at the Royal Academy of Music in London. In the late 1950’s he became interested in avant-garde and electronic music, working with Karlheinz Stockhausen, and composing a series of aleatoric pieces influenced by the ideas of John Cage and others. In the late 1960s and 70s Cardew’s interest in Socialist politics, the Chinese Revolution, and the teachings of Mao Zedong, led him to reevaluate the academic avant-garde, essentially rejecting it as elitist, and irrelevant to the struggles of the working class. He went on to be a founding member of both the Scratch Orchestra and the People’s Liberation Music, both of which were nonhierarchical musical collectives with decidedly pro-Socialist intentions. In this program Cardew discusses the political aspects of his music as well as playing a selection of his protest songs and politically inspired solo piano works. Cardew died on December 13, 1981, the victim of a suspicious hit and run accident. Cornellius Cardew was born 85 years ago today in Winchcombe, UK on May 7, 1936.


07 maggio 2021


Uno sguardo al passato, con l'intenzione però di pensare anche al futuro: la Winter & Winter festeggia 35 anni di attività e lancia una nuova collezione antologica, My Choice, affidandola agli artisti stessi. Ad inaugurarla è Guy Klucevsek.

Scrivono Mariko Takahashi e Stefan Winter: "It is difficult for us to put recording works into words. We are not authors, critics or musicologists. Actually, we want to let the works speak. For us, certain things can only be expressed through music and sound art. Our work began 35 years ago with the label JMT and has been continued and expanded for the past 25 years under the label Winter & Winter. Anniversaries invite us to venture a kind of retrospective: 'Looking back towards the future' (we were inspired by the motto of the X Documenta). But it's not us who direct, it's the artists. They make their selection, determine the order of the music pieces and present their own choice: My Choice. Guy Klucevsek opens the programme, followed month by month this year by further choices from Jim Black, Uri Caine, the tango musician Andrés Linetzky to Aarón Zapico and his baroque orchestra Forma Antiqva."


06 maggio 2021


Festeggia questo mese trent'anni di attività la newyorkese Downtown Music Gallery con varie iniziative diffuse in rete e alcune in presenza presso l'attuale sede di Monroe Street a Chinatown. Ai molti sostenitori locali e internazionali invia un saluto direttamente Bruce Lee Gallanter: "May 1st is the actual anniversary of Downtown Music Gallery, 30 years to the day! I am immensely proud of all we’ve accomplished since we opened out doors on 211 East 5th St. in the East Village. Special thanks to all of the well-wishers who’ve written to us or come down in the past month, we do appreciate your kind words of support! We, here at DMG, are going to celebrate for the entire month with some live outdoor events, some in-store on-line events and a series of on-line episodes of donated videos from many of our musician friends, as well as several compilations of one minute excerpts from performances recorded at the store throughout our long history. The on-line events will be put up on our YouTube channel as soon as we can. Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support. 30 years is a long time for any business, especially a record store (non-essential for some, ongoing inspiration for others) and especially in the Capitalist/Greedy Jungle of NYC. Join me in drinking (or imbibing) a toast to DMG, just turned 30 and we are still doing fine!"

Downtown Music Gallery
13 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002-7351
(between Catherine and Market Streets in Manhattan's Chinatown)
"F" to East Broadway stop
Tel: 212 473-0043