16 luglio 2018

In edizione firmata e numerata è giunto ai sottoscrittori della primissima ora assieme allo splendido nuovo cd Waiting for the Bomb, alcune copie però sono disponibili anche singolarmente presso ReR Megacorp: Four Stories, di Allen Ravenstine.

Così lo consiglia Cutler: "Slim, 44pp. perfect bound, paperback containing four stories. Illustrated by Mary Thomas. These four stories were written while Allen was working and touring with Pere Ubu, and speak directly of his experiences in those years. They waste no words - and the words used are meticulously chosen; I’m a fan. These are fine stories, artfully told. I’m not alone - Allen was one of those selected for The Penguin Book of Rock and Roll Writing in 1992. A small limited edition."

15 luglio 2018

Altra interessante pubblicazione presso Bloomsbury è lo studio condotto da Richard Elliott The Sound of Nonsense attraverso letteratura, poesia sonora, musica d'avanguardia e canzone pop, con celebri esempi dell'assurdo e del surreale da Lewis Carroll, James Joyce e William Burroughs a Bob Dylan, John Oswald, Magma e Ivor Cutler.

In The Sound of Nonsense, Richard Elliott highlights the importance of sound in understanding the 'nonsense' of writers such as Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, James Joyce and Mervyn Peake, before connecting this noisy writing to works which engage more directly with sound, including sound poetry, experimental music and pop. By emphasising sonic factors, Elliott makes new and fascinating connections between a wide range of artistic examples to ultimately build a case for the importance of sound in creating, maintaining and disrupting meaning.


14 luglio 2018

C'è anche uno scritto di Chris CutlerLoops, Memories and Meanings, nel libro Over and Over - Exploring Repetition in Popular Music curato da Olivier Julien e Christophe Levaux e pubblicato in questi giorni da Bloomsbury: "From the Tin Pan Alley 32-bar form, through the cyclical forms of modal jazz, to the more recent accumulation of digital layers, beats, and breaks in Electronic Dance Music, repetition as both an aesthetic disposition and a formal property has stimulated a diverse range of genres and techniques. From the angles of musicology, psychology, sociology, and science and technology, Over and Over reassesses the complexity connected to notions of repetition in a variety of musical genres. The first edited volume on repetition in 20th- and 21st-century popular music, Over and Over explores the wide-ranging forms and use of repetition - from large repetitive structures to micro repetitions - in relation to both specific and large-scale issues and contexts. The book brings together a selection of original texts by leading authors in a field that is, as yet, little explored. Aimed at both specialists and neophytes, it sheds important new light on one of the fundamental phenomena of music of our times."