24 gennaio 2020

Per quattro giorni a partire da oggi The Residents saranno ospiti del prestigioso MoMA newyorkese con tre repliche dello scandaloso God in Three Persons in versione integrale - una prima mondiale a tutti gli effetti, se non si contano il laboratorio proposto a Bourges l'anno scorso e la prova pubblica di qualche giorno fa a San Francisco - e un film in due parti che ripropone misteri e leggende del gruppo attraverso i suoi più celebri video: A Brief History of the Residents.

God in Three Persons
The Residents, in collaboration with media artist John Sanborn, present the world-premiere live performance, directed by Travis Chamberlain, of their landmark 1988 album God in Three Persons. The story of a ruined evangelist and his twisted obsession with a pair of gender-fluid conjoined twins he claims are miracle workers, the album is among the most critically acclaimed in the Residents’ catalogue, yet it has never been performed live. Compositing the lead vocalist using an innovative video-projection platform, this theatrical adaptation is a propulsive, hard-rock oratorio with a deep Southern twang. Swinging in style from animated cartoon to film noir, it’s a twisted tale of moral corruption that takes its audience on a kaleidoscopic journey to the dark side of human desire.

A Brief History of the Residents
Compilation of videos created by legendary art collective the Residents. From Third Reich ’n Roll (1976) to Dyin’ Dog (2019), this program charts the evolution of “the most mysterious band in the world,” including their notable collaborations with video artists John Sanborn and Bill Domonkos.


23 gennaio 2020

Le musiche geniali e avveniristiche di Raymond Scott nelle pubblicità della paleotelevisione commerciale dell'America di sessanta e passa anni fa: sono raccolte in The Jingle Workshop, prodotto in doppio cd e vinile da Modern Harmonic con il sottotitolo Midcentury Musical Miniatures 1951-1965. Un documento di grande valore. E un autentico spasso!

For over a decade Scott earned a solid living composing, arranging, and recording catchy ditties for Revlon, Delta Airlines, Stuckey's, Alka-Seltzer, Sprite, the Ford Motor Company, and other major sponsors. Hear Dorothy Collins, Mel Tormé, and dozens of unnamed session vocalists and musicians serenade you about beer, ice cream, gasoline, cigarettes, more beer, bread, shampoo, cars, mouthwash, and MORE beer. The Jingle Workshop collection includes finished spots, outtakes, rehearsals, alternates, demos, unused instrumental beds, studio chatter, and irresistible earworms about mid-20th century consumer goods. The styles range from cool jazz to percolating Latin, from lush orchestrations to piano & voice; the arrangements feature soloists, vocal duets, and group harmony. There's even some stray electronic works discovered after the release of the all-electronic compilation Manhattan Research Inc.


22 gennaio 2020

Compirebbe oggi 71 anni Phil Miller, e ce lo ricordano con affetto la vedova Herm con il figlio Kyle dalle pagine del sito web a lui dedicato: con un bel ritratto, con la promessa di pubblicare presto il video dei concerti celebrati in suo omaggio un anno fa presso il Vortex londinese, e con l'annuncio di ben due nuove uscite discografiche nel corso dell'anno. Una è quella, attesissima, dell'Artchipel Orchestra, l'altra è una raccolta di duetti di Phil con Fred Baker - fortunatamente non andati smarriti, come invece si temeva - che grazie al lavoro di recupero del fido Benj Lefevre daranno presto seguito all'ottimo Double Up (Crescent Discs, 1992).

"The long-awaited second Miller/Baker Duo CD is on its way! Phil and Fred Baker have been recording the music for this CD ever since they brought out the original cd Double Up in 1992. It has been an ongoing project that occupied them every time Fred came to stay with us, whether he came for In Cahoots rehearsals, the Guildhall Summer School, gigs or whatever, he and Phil would be working away in his studio. When Phil died and Fred and I looked for this material. We were mystified as search as we might we just couldn’t find it. More than 2 years later I found the tapes! They had been there all along but I had foolishly thought they were video tapes that I had been unable to play. This is because the recording had been done via Phil’s Adat machine which uses 8 track tapes that look identical to the old video tapes of yesteryear. The wonderful Benj Lefevre took them to a studio in Brixton and had them transposed into .wav files and has been busy mixing the tracks. We hope to bring out the new cd Double Up 2 in the not too distant future under the Crescent Discs label."