07 agosto 2020

Mike Adcock invece è tra i protagonisti di una registrazione di qualche anno fa dell'Unseemly Trio, finita nel dimenticatoio e ora recuperata e resa disponibile da Structured Disasters tramite Bandcamp. Con Adcock c'erano Mark Browne Steve Nash, e quella sera a loro si unì anche Lol CoxhillThe Starry Voluptuary Has Been Born, dal vivo a Londra il 18 marzo 2002, al Red Rose Club.


06 agosto 2020

Nel tempo del confinamento domestico imposto dalla pandemia Sylvia Hallett ha potuto rivolgere particolari attenzioni al giardino in stato di abbandono di fianco a casa sua, a Tottenham. E lo ha fatto risuonare: Tree Time.

Tree Time is a reflection on the derelict Tottenham garden, now a forest, next door to me, full of sycamores, holly, walnut, horse chestnut, hazel, elder, jasmine and ivy where the birds nest and the bees go for nectar, and the squirrels chase and chatter along their aerial runways. Underground in the root system a family of foxes dig out their tunnels and palaces. During this time of pandemic lockdown, I have been fortunate to have time to listen to the wind soughing in the trees, and get drawn into a different time dimension - the trees speak slowly and ponderously, over centuries, rooting down to the memories that are stored in their fibrous trunks. There is a huge canopy of Russian Vine at one end, and every year it advances further into my garden until I deal with it. I used some of this vine along with other small branches - beech, ash and sycamore - to make sound, using a violin bow to bring out their resonant qualities.


05 agosto 2020

Non rallenta l'attivismo della London Improvisers Orchestra, impegnata a vario titolo in produzioni e iniziative ideate e portate a compimento aggirando strategicamente le avversità di questo dannato periodo. Ce n'è ampia traccia su Bandcamp: tra i materiali pubblicati Traces of Bicarbonate, sulle proteste iniziate in Cile nell'ottobre 2019; Winter Pass for Cello and Orchestra, da un testo di Edward Thomas; Dedicated to Steve Beresford e Birthday Piece, intitolati rispettivamente a Beresford e Philipp Wachsmann.

Sulla genesi di Together Alone spiega Caroline Kraabel: "I miss the glorious web of connections formed by the London Improvisers Orchestra improvising together live. Could some aspects of those connections be maintained even if we didn't hear each other? For ten days I visited LIO musicians in lockdown, or on video-call, in order to conduct each of them in their own version of a score broken up into 30-second segments, each with a single cue (not necessarily the same for all the musicians). Memories, the experience of having played together, and great skill at improvisation made these segments recorded in isolation into something that, when combined (the parts were simply aligned to start at the same time), sounds recognisably like the LIO. It was a privilege to be able to see everyone, and to hear the miraculous synchronicity and surprises in the music.".

E di Bubbles scrive Sue Lynch: "Bubbles refers to the covid-related term as to how we might meet up in groups, whilst still social distancing. We can meet, but only with certain people, but we must still keep our distance. It is both hopefully pleasurable but restrained. In this instance people were paired either alphabetically or as possibly strangers to each other. The results have been both revealing and beautiful".