13 dicembre 2018

Per due rapide battute consecutive, una di là (Ramsgate, NJ) e una di qua (Montreuil, alle porte di Parigi) dell'Atlantico, la fazione avanguardista dei Pere Ubu - Moon Unit - si è fatta in quattro, anticipando quel che verrà: David Thomas, Gagarin, Keith Moliné e Chris Cutler.


12 dicembre 2018

Una scarsa dozzina di brani d'assalto oggi quanto allora, introdotti da un illuminante scritto di Chris Cutler e raccolti in una confezione acre e pungente finanche al tatto: The Work, con i magnifici Mick Hobbs, Rick Wilson, Tim Hodgkinson e Bill Gilonis ritratti a sbalzo tra il 1981 (Fingers and Toes) e il 1994 (Stone). Quattrocento copie offerte dalla parigina Jelodanti Records. Per far bello l'alberello...


11 dicembre 2018

Tre lussuose edizioni in vinile colorato di Made AvailableRepeat/Metal e Live 80-81 completano il ciclo di ristampe dell'imperdibile catalogo This Heat operato da Modern Classics Recordings per Light in the Attic. Per far bello l'alberello...

Formed in 1976 in Brixton, a multicultural, and – at the time – down-at-heel part of south London, This Heat were born into a music scene in rapid flux, first thanks to the punk explosion and then via new wave and its myriad offshoots into pop, rock and art-rock. But while many sought to apply punk attitude to chart-friendly sounds, This Heat were concocting some of the most experimental ideas ever committed to tape, taking influence from musique concrète, krautrock, the burgeoning industrial scene and even the dub reggae blasting out in their home borough.
In many ways, the nuanced sound worlds created in the studio by This Heat are tailor made for sedentary headphone listening. But pulling off such complicated, genre defying compositions live was surely something to witness. Until now, there was no real official document of the group’s live performances. Compiled by Charles Hayward and Charles Bullen from rough cassette tape recordings of European gigs in Tilburg, Nijmegen, Ärhus, Apeldoorn, Vienna and Rheims between April 1980 and June 1981, Live 80-81 is an essential document of This Heat’s powerful live performances.
Following Modern Classics Recordings’ 2016 reissue campaign to mark the band’s 40th anniversary, these new releases Made Available, Repeat/Metal and Live 80-81 round out the story. Each release is sanctioned by surviving members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward and features newly remastered audio sourced from original tapes.