21 agosto 2019

Jonny Greene di Planet Gong sta controllando le stampe di prova del box retrospettivo Love From the Planet Gong: The Virgin Years 1973-75. Tutto bene, pare. Con una preferenza personale e anche un piccolo consiglio: "The fabulous forthcoming Gong box is available to pre-order. Sets ordered from the Planet Gong will come with an exclusive, limited re-print of the 1970's full colour Gong Mandala promo poster. Information, track-listings, images and samples being added. 70% of the audio is previously unreleased, all superb. The box was curated by Steve Hillage and the live multitracks were mixed by Mike Howlett. All the recordings have been mastered from the original master tapes by original Gong engineer Simon Heyworth who has done a stunning job - a real labour of love. There are so many highlights one of which is the most glorious digitisation of Flying Teapot, direct from the original master tapes for the first time - and from which the band will receive royalties on a Teapot CD release for the first time! The advance copy of the box set I've had for a few days now is really something. Well printed, easy to read, right music on the right CDs and all sounding fantastic - It's job done. Phew! I'll never like CDs in cardboard slots though - who does? There was nothing I could do to change that. I've put my discs in poly-lined paper sleeves. I suggest you do the same."


20 agosto 2019

Torna in circolazione nel formato originale di audiocassetta - un centinaio di copie, e qualche esemplare addirittura in minidisc! - e la tiratura va subito esaurita: è la Souvenir Cassette degli After Dinner, ripescata da Fish Print assieme a ReR in una nuova edizione rivista e corretta da Bob Drake la scorsa primavera. Contiene estratti dai concerti del primo mitico tour europeo del gruppo, tra giugno e luglio 1987. Sarà presto disponibile nuovamente in uno speciale cd arricchito da vari materiali aggiuntivi, annunciato entro la fine dell'anno. Scrive Haco: "After the tour. I listened to all of the material from our concerts and field-recordings of environmental sounds such as church bells, street organs, birds singing, and barking dogs beyond the outdoor stage at Festival MIMI. I copied those from cassette to reel-to-reel tape, spliced it by hand and edited an entire album. My old memories flooded back for the first time after I listened to Bob Drake’s remaster. And I realized how precious this live cassette was as a historical document of After Dinner’s career. I am eternally grateful to the labels, Fish Prints (US) and ReR Megacorp (UK) for the reissue, all the members of the 1987 tour, and everyone who supported our concerts at that time."


19 agosto 2019

Speciale concerto di compleanno per i settant'anni del pianista Dave Smith al Cafe Oto londinese, con la partecipazione di John Tilbury e Ian Mitchell e la prima esecuzione pubblica dei brani Hunter of Stories e Kaivopuisto. Auguri!

A member of the Scratch Orchestra in the 1970's and a contemporary and collaborator of Cornelius Cardew, Gavin Bryars and John White amongst others, Smith has amassed an extensive body of work that draws on a wide range of influences from contemporary composition to Javanese classical and Albanian folk musics. Many of his piano works have been performed by pianist John Tilbury (including 'Al Contrario' at Oto last December), who remains a strong supporter.