29 maggio 2007

L'indiscusso capolavoro di René Lussier, Le trésor de la langue, viene ripubblicato in edizione estesa - ne esistono versioni a 2 o 3 cd - a vent'anni dalla sua prima uscita. Così lo si raccomanda sul catalogo ReR,di cui è pronto in questi giorni l'aggiornamento semestrale:

First - the original release, a work of luminous excellence and one of the truly great records of the last 40 years in which Rene instrumentally shadows and orchestrates all manner of speech - quotidian, documentary, banal, significant, political - in the most breathtaking manner, hopping genres or escaping them altogether, and using considerably extended musical resources, though much of the vocabulary is unashamedly rock inflected. It's a record no collection should be without. Then there is an hour and three-quarters of extra, closely related and stunningly good material consisting of a film short soundtrack, La Mort de Concorde, and over 90 minutes culled from concert performances of the groups assembled to perform Tresor material. But these are not, for the most part, live versions of the recorded pieces, but new pieces, of great variety and featuring some extraordinary playing. You can consider CD3 as a new, brilliant entirely self-sufficient work, scarily brilliant. Musicians include Rene himself, Bob Ostertag, Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay, Alain Trudel, Jean Francois Martel, Tom Walsh, Fred Frith and Richard Desjardins. This is really as good as it gets. A great release.

E questo scrive La Tribu, che lo pubblica:

La langue parlée, littéralement prise en dictée musicale, transposée et orchestrée. Une fresque sonore dans le vif des mots, ceux de la rue et ceux des archives politiques et folkloriques du Québec.
Il y a 20 ans, le compositeur et musicien René Lussier amorçait Le Trésor de la langue. Et pour marquer l’événement, Lussier a préparé un coffret-réédition généreux, colossal, réunissant l’album original flanqué de deux cds regroupant 100 minutes de musique inédite. Un montage foisonnant des meilleurs moments de la tournée du Trésor de la langue en concert, et des extraits de la trame sonore du film de Fernand Bélanger Le trésor archange.
René Lussier nous offre aussi avec ses Inédits une pièce de choix, La mort du Concorde, à la mémoire de Pierre Bourgault, composée à partir de la dernière chronique téléphonique de Bourgault (2 juin 2003) à l’émission Indicatif Présent animée par Marie-France Bazzo.
Pour Le trésor de la langue, René Lussier a travaillé avec une multitude de collaborateurs parmi lesquels Claude Beaugrand, Fred Frith, Richard Desjardins, Patrice Desbiens, Jean Derome, Alain Trudel, Pierre Tanguay et plusieurs autres.
Rappelons que Le trésor de la langue remportait le Prix Paul Gilson 1989, catégorie musique, décernée par les radios publiques de langue française.
Le coffret offre également un livret avec textes et détails sur les pièces.

25 maggio 2007

Prende il via mercoledì prossimo nel club (quasi) parigino Le Triton a Les Lilas la quinta edizione del festival Les Tritonales: eccellente il programma, che dal 30 maggio al 16 giugno allinea concerti di Zao, Colorphone, Vroom!, DésAccordes, One Shot, Brainville 3, una riproposizione del quartetto Pip Pyle's Bash in ricordo del compianto batterista, Univers Zero, una serata con Peter Blegvad & John Greaves (e amici), e un'intera settimana di Magma. Dettagli, schede informative, foto e ascolti in http://tinyurl.com/3axk9o

11 bis, rue du Coq Français
93260 Les Lilas
Tel : 01 49 72 83 13
Fax : 01 49 72 83 11

23 maggio 2007

La splendida composizione di Keith Tippett 'First Weaving' - eseguita con la Tapestry Orchestra - è rimasta a lungo inedita, probabilmente in attesa di realizzarne una versione di studio. L'etichetta discografica di Cardiff Red Eye Music ne annuncia finalmente la pubblicazione, ma nella versione registrata dal vivo a Le Mans nel 1998. Il doppio cd esce a inizio giugno, intanto se ne ascolta qualche estratto in http://www.myspace.com/keithtippett

First Weaving is from the 1998 Le Mans Jazz Festival; a gigantic session which became an underground classic despite never being commercially available. Originally commissioned by the BBC it stayed under wraps because the intention was to produce a studio recording for which the funding never materialised.

Although acknowledged as one of the great founding fathers of Post Modern British ‘jazz’, Keith Tippett is a mysterious figure, always on the edge of contemporary music. Today he is probably best known for his solo explorations in spontaneous composition, an irony given his history in collective music making, (i.e. Centipede, Ark, Mujician and the Georgian Ensemble etc.)

There is a whole debate about the relationship between the ‘jazz orchestra’ and ‘big band’ traditions, one that is complicated still further by a composition such as First Weaving, which draws inspiration from music reaching well beyond the label ‘jazz’. It is not just about orchestrating, Keith Tippett uses written composition to open up space for twenty, thirty, forty other soloists to come together to extend the possibilities of the score sheet.

First Weaving is from a certain place. The Fifth and Sixth Threads commencing Disc Two sound like prophetic elegies for nations which, in 1998, had still to suffer the tragedy of conflict. We know what happened. This music remains a First Weaving. If ever there was music which embraces hope it is here. The Tapestry Orchestra contains musicians who were there right at the beginning in Centipede – among them Larry Stabbins, Louis Moholo, Mark Charig, Paul Rutherford, Dave Amis, Julie Tippetts, Maggie Nicols and the late Elton Dean. First Weaving unites some of the most important innovators on the British scene, playing in a setting well beyond national boundaries. It has taken nine years for this brilliant performance to be heard on CD, now that it is available on Red Eye Music; it needs to be listened to more than ever. (Steve Day).

20 maggio 2007

A luglio verranno ristampati, in versione rimasterizzata e con l'aggiunta di brani inediti e rari, cinque classici Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band:

Bonzo Dog Band - Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse
bonus tracks:
Blue Suede Shoes (Previously Unreleased)
Bang Bang (Previously Unreleased)
Alley Oop (Girls Version)
Canyons Of Your Mind (Single Version)
Mr. Apollo (German Version)

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Gorilla
bonus tracks:
My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies
I'm Gonna Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight
Ali Baba's Camel (Early Version) (Previously Unreleased)
On Her Doorstep Last Night
Alley Oop
Button Up Your Overcoat
Craig Torso Show

Bonzo Dog Band - Keynsham
bonus tracks:
Are You Having Any Fun? (Vivian Stanshall And Kilgaron)
How Sweet To Be An Idiot (Neil Innes)
When Yuba Plays The Rumba On The Tuba (From 'The Third Little Show')
Young Ones (Vivian Stanshall And Kilgaron)
Witchi Tai To (Topo D. Bil)

Bonzo Dog Band - Let's Make Up and Be Friendly
bonus tracks:
Sofa Head
I Love To Bumpity Bump (Roger Ruskin Spear)
Lie Down And Be Counted (Neil Innes)
Bride Stripped Bare By 'Bachelors' (Early Version) (Previously Unreleased)

Bonzo Dog Band - Tadpoles
bonus tracks:
Boo! (Previously Unreleased)
Readymades (Previously Unreleased)
Look At Me I'm Wonderful
We Were Wrong
Craig Torso Xmas Show

Copertine, note e informazioni delle precedenti versioni su vinile o cd si vedono, almeno in parte, in http://www.bonzodog.org/bonzos/bonzo_top.htm

18 maggio 2007

Esce per MoonJune Records The Unbelievable Truth, l'album con uno degli ultimi concerti di Elton Dean, tenuto a Parigi il 18 ottobre 2005 con il gruppo belga The Wrong Object. Recensione su All About Jazz.

Saxophonist Elton Dean shines on one of his final recordings, featuring the powerhouse Belgian improv-jazz-art-rock band The Wrong Object.
Recorded live in Paris in October of 2005, less than four months before his untimely passing, The Unbelievable Truth demonstrates the remarkable breadth of the late British saxophonist’s reach. With Dean originals ranging from the 7/4 jam “Seven for Lee” to the tender ballad “Baker’s Treat,” The Unbelievable Truth also highlights The Wrong Object’s equally diverse writing and freewheeling improvisational ability. From quirky Zappa-esque complexity to ominous material reminiscent of Dean’s 1970s tenure with Soft Machine and even a hint of swing, The Unbelievable Truth proves that Dean remained a vital musical force to the very end.

16 maggio 2007

Al catalogo di ristampe su cd della Ogun si aggiunge una nuova perla, Ovary Lodge (Keith Tippett, Harry Miller, Julie Tippetts, Frank Perry), tratto da un concerto londinese dell'agosto 1975. Un resoconto di Frank Perry sulla genesi del gruppo - e del suo nome - si trova in http://www.frankperry.co.uk/ovary_lodge.htm

14 maggio 2007

Tra le nuove uscite per Hux Records spicca il doppio dell'Incredible String Band Across the Airwaves che documenta cinque anni di sessioni radiofoniche per la BBC, dal 1969 al 1974, aggiungendo parecchi materiali inediti a quanto pubblicato in precedenza per Windsong e Band of Joy.

The Incredible String Band was arguably one of the most engaging groups to emerge from the esoteric 1960s. Basically the duo of Mike Heron and Robin Williamson, their sound was comprised of haunting Celtic folk melodies augmented by a variety of Middle Eastern and Asian instruments.
In the late 60s, the ISB became major players on the burgeoning underground scene, sharing bills with the likes of Pink Floyd at London's UFO club and acquiring cult status with the cognoscenti after the 1967 release of their album, '5,000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion'. John Peel soon became a big fan and was quick to get them to record sessions for his BBC Radio 1 shows.
The Incredible String Band adopted an adventurous approach to their BBC radio sessions, using them to try out new, non-album material or radically rearrange older songs, encompassing a remarkable variety of instrumentation and genres.
This double CD contains 13 previously unreleased recordings and has been compiled and released with the full co-operation of the band. The accompanying 24 page booklet includes rare photographs, comprehensive liner notes and a full BBC sessionography, plus an additional note from Mike Heron and lyrics to several of the featured songs.

11 maggio 2007

Da non perdere la presentazione delle musiche nella "Banda dei brocchi" (The Rotters' Club) di Jonathan Coe che farà Alessandro Achilli per Prospettive Musicali, Radio Popolare. Domenica 13 maggio la prima parte, dalle 22.30 alle 23.30 circa.

domenica 13 maggio, 22:37 - 23:30: "Prospettive musicali": la musica nella "Banda dei brocchi" di Jonathan Coe (Hatfield and the North, Kevin Coyne, Henry Cow, Miller/Coxhill, Roxy Music, Eric Clapton, Yes, Cole Porter, Clash, National Health, Gryphon, Sex Pistols, Gentle Giant, Vaughan Williams, Jan Steele, High Llamas), prima parte (in studio Alessandro Achilli).

"Prospettive musicali": tutte le domeniche dalle 22:37 alle 23:30.

Radio Popolare si può ascoltare in fm o via internet o via satellite: frequenze, url e istruzioni sono in http://www.radiopopolare.it/ascoltaci/frequenze

10 maggio 2007

Canterbury Legends (In Their Own Lunchtime) è il nome assunto dalla formazione comprendente Hugh Hopper, Didier Malherbe, Phil Miller, Patrice Meyer, Alex Maguire e Manuel Denizet per il concerto a Cluny (Francia) lo scorso 5 maggio nell'ambito di una serata in ricordo di Jacky Barbier a cinque anni dalla scomparsa e in concomitanza con l'uscita di un libro ("A l'ouest de la Grosne: Un repère pour la musique, un repaire pour l'amitié") a lui dedicato.

Se ne scrive in What's Rattlin':
Canterbury Legends (In Their Own Lunchtime): this is how the all-star sextet of Hugh Hopper, Phil Miller, Didier Malherbe, Patrice Meyer, Alex Maguire and Manuel Denizet were billed for their unique appearance at the Jacky Barbier tribute concert in Cluny (Burgundy, France) last week-end. This very fine concert also featured, among others, the Mimi Lorenzini/Ann Ballester duo (ex-Edition Speciale) and Zao. The 50-minute set was largely in the vein of Short Wave, consisting of "Wanglo-Saxon", "2PM" (played for the first time with both PMs!) and "Nan True's Hole", plus "Seven For Lee" as a tribute to Elton (the great "Rogue Element" album, which opened with this track, was recorded at Jacky's club), and a doudouk/piano duo piece by Didier.

Un breve video ripreso durante le prove del supergruppo è in: http://tinyurl.com/2ssklp
Per il libro su Barbier, e per richiederne copia: http://www.crjbourgogne.org/grosne/ouvrage.htm

08 maggio 2007

Nel 250esimo anniversario della morte di William Blake, Mike Westbrook ripropone il prossimo 18 maggio a Londra Glad Day, il concerto basato sui materiali dell'indiscusso capolavoro del 1980, Bright as Fire, nella versione estesa e corale adottata a partire dal 1996.

'GLAD DAY' - The Choral Version
settings of the poetry of William Blake; texts arranged by Adrian Mitchell and Kate Westbrook; music by Mike Westbrook

The 250th anniversary of William Blake’s birth is marked by this performance of Mike Westbrook’s GLAD DAY, last heard in London in 1999. These choral settings of Blake’s poetry have been described by the Independent on Sunday as “Perhaps the greatest work in all British Jazz”.

The Foundling Museum
40 Brunswick Square
London WC1N 1AZ

06 maggio 2007

Madcap's Last Laugh è il titolo del concerto dedicato a Syd Barrett in programma al Barbican londinese il 10 maggio prossimo. Intervengono tra gli altri Kevin Ayers, The Bees, Vashti Bunyan, Mike Heron, Robyn Hitchcock, Chrissie Hynde, Captain Sensible.
Scaletta completa e dettagli sono in http://tinyurl.com/23k5dh e http://tinyurl.com/yundvq
Joe Boyd, tra i produttori del progetto, scrive di Barrett in http://tinyurl.com/2epc7w

05 maggio 2007

Gli atti del convegno "Composizione e sperimentazione nel rock britannico 1966-1976" che si tenne a Cremona nell'ottobre 2005 sono ora disponibili online, assieme a qualche estratto audio e video, in http://www.unipv.it/britishrock1966-1976; tra i saggi quelli di Franco Fabbri ("Non al primo ascolto." Complessità progressiva nella musica dei gruppi angloamericani, 1960-1967), Vincenzo Caporaletti (Soft Machine, Third), Allan F. Moore (Gentle Giant, Octopus) e contributi di Chris Cutler e Hugh Hopper a proposito delle procedure compositive nei gruppi progressive rock.

03 maggio 2007

A trent'anni di distanza John Greaves e Peter Blegvad portano in scena a Le Triton l'indimenticato Kew.Rhone - o almeno ampie parti di esso, e molte mai eseguite dal vivo finora - con un concerto annunciato per il 9 giugno prossimo a Les Lilas, Parigi. Con i due autori saranno anche Jeanne Added (voce, violoncello), Jef Morin (chitarre) e David Lewis (tromba).

01 maggio 2007

Il programma del mese di maggio 2007 del locale newyorchese The Stone è curato da Fred Frith, lo si legge in dettaglio in http://www.thestonenyc.com/calendar.php

Tra i molti concerti di rilievo, alcuni raggruppati in mini-serie dai titoli Northern Lights e Western Civilization, si segnalano quelli di Death Ambient, il trio di Frith con Kato Hideki e Ikue Mori, in coincidenza con l'uscita del terzo album su Tzadik, Drunken Forest.