31 dicembre 2008

Mike Fowler inaugura un sito interamente dedicato alle musiche, alle vicende e alla storia dei magnifici Johnny Dyani, Mongezi Feza, Chris McGregor, Louis Moholo e Dudu Pukwana: The Blue Notes. Note di un promettente avvio: Joyful Noises! (and a Happy New Year)...

30 dicembre 2008

Da qualche giorno è nei negozi l'ep 'Hot Chip with Robert Wyatt and Geese', frutto della recente collaborazione tra Hot Chip, quintetto piuttosto noto in ambito electro-pop e dance, il duo Geese e Robert Wyatt: quattro brani tratti dall'album Made in the Dark riproposti con aggiunte e diverso missaggio, un nuovo respiro ritmico e un grande ruolo affidato alle voci di Wyatt (in particolare, in We're Looking for a Lot of Love). Due dei brani si ascoltano anche in www.hotchip.co.uk

Hot Chip have assembled a lovingly put together little present in time for Christmas involving the services of none other than the godfather of the experimental psych-prog world, Robert Wyatt and kindred musical spirits Geese. Long recognised as one of the pioneers of avant-jazz rock, from his beginnings as a member of Soft Machine and through his collaborations with Scritti Politti and Syd Barrett, Robert Wyatt brings his quietly magical touch to 3 songs personally chosen from Hot Chip's 2008 album "Made in the Dark". The result - as recorded at Gallery Studios earlier this year - are several mutations of songs that are as delicate and whimsical as they are adventurous and distinctive.
Meanwhile, Hot Chip's old friends and collaborators Geese (aka Emma and Vince from The Elysian Quartet) also lent a hand, reworking the new, Robert Wyatt-assisted "We're Looking..." while completely overhauling "One Pure Thought" from a straightahead floor shaker into something stranger, dreamier, but no less lovely. All in all, a deliciously unpredictable collaboration made in quirk-pop heaven.


29 dicembre 2008

Guy Klucevsek pubblica un breve scritto su MySpace in ricordo dell'amico - e collega in Accordion Tribe - Lars Hollmer:

My heart is very heavy today. My dear friend and Accordion Tribe colleague, Lars Hollmer, has died at the age of 60, after a long battle with lung cancer. I first heard Lars's music in the early 90s, through singer-songwriter and DJ extraordinaire, David Garland. I instantly recognized a kindred spirit and he was the first person I invited to be a part of what eventually became the Accordion Tribe. We began the group in 1996 and continue to this day, although there will be a gaping void on stage and in our hearts from now on.
Lars was an auto-didact and multi-instrumentalist (accordion, keyboards, voice, melodica, etc.) who was completely fearless in his approach to music. He could be unabashedly sentimental (Boeves Psalm, Soon Song), write incredibly dense and complex counterpoint with the best of them (Pas de Valse, Utflykt med Damcyckle), and be mischievous and joyfully wacked-out (Circus I, II). And that's only the Accordion Tribe repertoire! He managed to record about 30 albums in all, mostly in his legendary home studio, the Chickenhouse, both solo (11), and with his many groups, including The Looping Home Orchestra and Samla Mammas Manna. What is the common element in all these? To quote Lars from the documentary film, "Accordion Tribe: Music Travels" (Stefan Schwietert, Maximage Films, 2002), "It all begins here," (he says, pointing to his heart); "it may go through here eventually," (he points to his head), "but it all begins with the heart."

28 dicembre 2008

Se ne è andato a Natale all'età di sessant'anni Lars Hollmer, fisarmonicista e musicista svedese molto amato e apprezzato per la travolgente grinta concertistica e l'inesauribile ispirazione, lirica e insieme ironica, testimoniate in una carriera lunga quarant'anni che lo ha visto protagonista - con il gruppo Samla Mammas Manna, e le sue successive incarnazioni - sia del rinnovamento delle musiche rock-folk in Svezia nei primi anni settanta sia dell'importante stagione europea di Rock in Opposition. A quelle esperienze han fatto seguito una vivace discografia solista, punteggiata di numerose collaborazioni internazionali - Sola e Fanfare Pourpour tra le più recenti - e molti riconoscimenti ufficiali sia come compositore per teatro e danza sia come fine esecutore in seno all'ensemble di sole fisarmoniche Accordion Tribe. Citando lo studiolo domestico appena fuori Uppsala - 'il pollaio' - dove sono state concepite e realizzate quasi tutte le sue musiche più belle, alla consegna del Grammy Award svedese per il suo album Andetag dieci anni fa si scrisse: "To a giant in the Swedish musical society. From Samla Mammas Manna to Boeves Psalm to the new CD Andetag. There's always wonderful music coming from the Chickenhouse."

L'annuncio, in svedese, è in http://tinyurl.com/8c8ty6
Ritratto, cronologia e discografia di Hollmer sono in http://tinyurl.com/a9fkxa e in www.amigo.se/krax/home.htm. Per gli album su Cuneiform: www.cuneiformrecords.com

27 dicembre 2008

Con buon anticipo giunge notizia che a curare assieme agli organizzatori la prossima edizione del festival Unlimited a Wels, Austria sarà Ikue Mori. Il festival si terrà dal 6 all'8 novembre 2009. Documentazione delle precedenti edizioni del festival e delle molte altre attività del centro Alter Schlachtof si trova in www.musicunlimited.at

24 dicembre 2008

Da ReR Megacorp un breve aggiornamento su ultimi album pubblicati e in distribuzione, con un gruzzolo di titoli a prezzo agevolato a partire da gennaio 2009 e un leggero slittamento temporale nella realizzazione dell'atteso box antologico di Henry Cow. Scrive Chris Cutler:

"Preliminary Note: since the pound has collapsed against both the Dollar and the Euro, imports from Europe and America are now about 30% more expensive for us. We will try to hold all our prices down for as long as we can, but eventually they will rise. I’d like to make it clear that we believe that the criminals and idiots responsible for all our present miseries should be obliged to do social service on minimum wage for the rest of their lives.

Dear friends and subscribers,
Late discovery of some extra materials has delayed the box slightly and it won't arrive now before the holiday lull. However, everything is moving and delivery is expected for early January - and the box will be better for it which, since we will only ever do this once, is I hope better than making a late quality compromise for the sake of a few days. Apologies to all of you anticipating a bovine xmas.. "

ReR Megacorp
79 Beulah Rd.
Thornton Heath
Surrey CR7 8JG
44 (0) 208 771 1063

23 dicembre 2008

Su Ubuweb sono disponibili numerosi filmati tratti da concerti, installazioni e performance presso lo storico locale newyorkese Roulette, che quest'anno compie trentanni di attività tutti dedicati al sostegno e alla promozione di musiche e varie arti nel segno della sperimentazione e dell'innovazione. Due le stagioni al momento rappresentate, quella attuale e quella del 2000. I filmati integrali - in vhs e dvd, e inoltre i cd audio prodotti per l'etichetta Einstein - si possono ottenere attraverso www.roulette.org/noisy/store.html

UbuWeb is pleased to announce a partnership with the legendary New York City experimental music organization Roulette. Founded in 1978, is a major New York City venue for contemporary music and intermedia art.
We are happy to present ten videos from the 2008 season of Roulette TV and 32 more streaming and downloadable episodes of Roulette TV from the 2000 season. Roulette TV is an on-going, innovative video series which presents unique contemporary music in compelling and engaging performances given by the creators themselves. Each performance is followed by an insightful interview with the artist. The 2008 series includes performances by: David Behrman, Marilyn Crispell, Andrew Cyrille, Joan La Barbara, Oliver Lake, Phoebe Legere, Margaret Leng Tan, Kathleen Supové, Blue Gene Tyranny and Lois V Vierk. The 2000 series includes performances by: Billy Bang, Chris Cutler, Michael Gordon, Zeena Parkins, Shelley Hirsch, Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori, Sainkho Namchylak, Phil Niblock, Pauline Oliveros, William Parker, Elliott Sharp, Jim Staley and many others.

22 dicembre 2008

Yumi Hara Cawkwell, titolare assieme a Hugh Hopper del progetto Humi e dell'album Dune (MoonJune Records, 2008), mette a disposizione alcuni materiali aggiuntivi che nelle intenzioni dovevano accompagnare in Giappone il tour 'Dune in June' prima rinviato e poi cancellato a causa delle non buone condizioni di salute del bassista: tra questi un cd-r audio con inediti (Parallel Dune) e un dvd-r con le riprese del debutto del duo a Londra nel 2007 (Humi Live in London). Si richiedono tramite www.myspace.com/humimyspace

Nel frattempo sono state messe in rete altre immagini fotografiche tratte dal concerto londinese dello scorso 14 dicembre in aiuto a Hopper: http://tinyurl.com/8jgqm5

21 dicembre 2008

Due bei titoli, uno nuovo e una ristampa, si aggiungono al prezioso catalogo di Ad Hoc Records, etichetta che Dave Kerman gestisce e distribuisce tramite ReR Usa. Si tratta di Zürich / Bamberg, lavoro a quattro mani realizzato 'a distanza' da Bill Gilonis e Chantale Laplante, e di Differently Desperate, il debutto nel 1991 del 'supergruppo' The Hat Shoes (ancora Bill Gilonis, con Tom Cora, Catherine Jauniaux e Charles Hayward, diversi ospiti in studio e altri contributi esterni).

Bill Gilonis - Chantale Laplante: Zürich / Bamberg
Bill Gilonis and Chantale Laplante worked on Zürich-Bamberg intermittently for three years. The CD comprises a series of pieces that fall loosely into a category that could be called "electro-acoustic Hörspiel." However, with Bill in Zurich and Chantale based firstly in Bamberg, Germany and later in Montreal, Canada, it was difficult to find a way of collaborating by conventional means. But, by ping-ponging audio file CDs between these cities they managed to develop a practical, and in some ways advantageous, composition and recording strategy. For this project conventional instrumentation has been virtually abandoned. What we hear on these recordings - collaged and sometimes manipulated via processing technology - is street noise, household clatter, fragments of radio, close-miked objects, etc. By and large the pieces are constructed from precisely the sounds that our ears are constantly and automatically filtering out; but by orchestrating these sounds into pieces to be listened to - as opposed to heard - listeners are introduced to a radically personal world.

The Hat Shoes: "Differently Desperate"
Ad Hoc Records' new, four-panel digipack reissue of The Hat Shoes' debut album will be especially welcomed by lovers of intelligent and thoughtful Progressive music, with a hint of Romanticism. Originally released in 1991, "Differently Desperate" is a studio offering of diverse avant-pop songs by a "super-group", comprised of members Bill Gilonis (The Work), Catherine Jauniaux (Fluvial), Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now) and Tom Cora (Skeleton Crew, Curlew). There's also a slew of well-known guest performers: David Thomas, Amos, Chris Cochrane, Tim Hodgkinson, Hahn Rowne and Rick Brown, among others.

20 dicembre 2008

Danny Ecclestone intervista Robert Wyatt ('The godfather of righteous jazz-pop lullaby') per Mojo: http://www.mojo4music.com/blog/2008/12/robert_wyatts_back_pages_1.html e a seguire http://www.mojo4music.com/blog/2008/12/robert_wyatts_back_pages_pt_2_1.html

Altra intervista, di Jonny Mugwump, è per The Quietus:

19 dicembre 2008

New World Records pubblica Musica Elettronica Viva - MEV40, importante documento antologico curato direttamente da tre dei suoi membri storici - Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski e Richard Teitelbaum - che raccoglie in quattro cd alcune tra le migliori registrazioni del periodo 1967-2007 del leggendario gruppo di improvvisatori e compositori. Alcuni estratti si ascoltano in www.alvincurran.com/Curran_discography.html, mentre le note informative si trovano in .pdf in http://www.newworldrecords.org/uploads/filesPdmv.pdf

Scrive Alvin Curran: "Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV) was begun one evening in the spring of 1966 by Allan Bryant, Alvin Curran, Jon Phetteplace, Carol Plantamura, Frederic Rzweski, Richard Teitelbaum and Ivan Vandor in a room in Rome overlooking the Pantheon. MEV’s music right from the start was also totally open, allowing all and everything to come in and seeking in every way to get out beyond the heartless conventions of contemporary music. Taking its cue from Tudor and Cage, MEV began sticking contact mics to anything that sounded and amplified their raw sounds: bed springs, sheets of glass, tin cans, rubber bands, toy pianos, sex vibrators, and assorted metal junk; a crushed old trumpet, cello and tenor sax kept us within musical credibility, while a home-made synthesizer of some 48 oscillators along with the first Moog synthesizer in Europe gave our otherwise neo-primitive sound an inimitable edge. In the name of the collectivity, the group abandoned both written scores and leadership and replaced them with improvisation and critical listening. Rehearsals and concerts were begun at the appropriate time by a kind of spontaneous combustion and continued until total exhaustion set in. It mattered little who played what when or how, but the fragile bond of human trust that linked us all in every moment remained unbroken. The music could go anywhere, gliding into self-regenerating unity or lurching into irrevocable chaos—both were valuable goals. In the general euphoria of the times, MEV thought it had re-invented music; in any case it had certainly rediscovered it."

18 dicembre 2008

Aymeric Leroy racconta in What's Rattlin'? la serata dedicata a Hugh Hopper domenica scorsa presso il londinese 100 Club:

We all had a great evening! It was great meeting all our friends, musicians and others, on and off-stage... including Mike King & Mikki Dandy from Reel Recordings who flew from Canada, Rick Biddulph and Celia, Jim Dvorak, Brian Hopper, Gerry Fitzgerald, Marino Dean, Cyrille Ayers, Hugh's wife Christine etc. The evening began with Alex Maguire & friends, playing a loose version of "Wanglo-Saxon"... with Patrice Meyer, Fred Baker and Mark Fletcher (who replaced Liam Genockey whose car had broken down), plus Frank van der Kooij on sax and Robert Jarvis on tenor. Sophia Domancich and Simon Goubert did a duo set, a medley of pieces from their recent duo album. The Delta Sax Quartet played two tracks, their variation on the first 4 notes from "Dedicated To You..." followed by their great arrangement of "Facelift". Yumi Cawkwell played a personal arrangement of "Hope For Happiness" and a piano version of her variations on"Box 25/8 Lid". John Etheridge, Roy Babbington (on double bass) and John Marshall, as "Soft Trio", did an improvised number. And finally In Cahoots, as a quintet (with Simon Picard on sax), played the "Hic Haec Hoc" medley and "ED Or Ian"... Great solos from all, especially Phil and Simon. In the middle of all that, Mike Horovitz, of New Departures & Albert Hall poetry reading '65 fame, came on stage to read some of his poems. Jon Newey from Jazzwise did the announcements. Everything went smoothly - John Etheridge put the whole thing together and did a great job. It was good coming back to the 100 Club, this time not for a memorial - this is where the Alan Gowen (in 1981) and Elton Dean (in2006) memorial concerts took place. I remembered I had one of my last conversations with Pip in that very place. Between this and the Whitstable gig two days earlier I think over 4000 pounds were collected for Hugh, which is tremendous help. Jon also read a message from Hugh thanking all the fans who sent him money in the post. Hopefully by Spring 2009 we can hope to see Hugh back in action... stronger than ever!

Altra cronaca, con galleria fotografica, è di Francisco Macias in http://tinyurl.com/3kmqm2 mentre altre foto ancora si vedono in http://tinyurl.com/3zb4cf e in http://tinyurl.com/3za79g

La sera del 12 dicembre anche
Battiti, su RadioTre, aveva dedicato a Hugh Hopper parte della sua scaletta: la puntata si riascolta in http://www.radio.rai.it/podcast/A0035394.mp3

17 dicembre 2008

Il numero di dicembre 2008 di The Smith's Academy Informer, bollettino informativo sulle attività di Mike e Kate Westbrook, si legge e si scarica in formato .pdf in http://www.westbrookjazz.co.uk/sai/sai.shtml

Dopo la riproposta a inizio mese di Glad Day nella versione corale - con Mike e Kate erano Phil Minton, Karen Street, Billy Thompson, Steve Berry e The London College of Music Chamber Choir diretto da Paul Ayres - i prossimi concerti, in perfetto clima natalizio e in omaggio alla zuppa inglese, sono con The Village Band: http://tiny.cc/fU73J

16 dicembre 2008

'Scarpe diem' anche per Bob Ostertag, che da' vita a un'iniziativa fotografica a favore di Muntadhar al-Zeidi, il giornalista che scagliando le sue scarpe in faccia a Bush ha ricordato al mondo i crimini di guerra contro l'Iraq.

Throw my shoes too!
Muntadhar al-Zeidi is a hero. Know what Bush was saying when al-Zeidi threw his shoes? "The war is not over. But . . . it is decidedly on its way to being won." And Muntadhar al-Zeidi lost it. Threw both his shoes, yelling that shoe #1 was "a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people!" His second shoe was "for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq!"

This was a gift to the entire world. We all owe a debt to this 28-year old journalist who, for one beautiful moment, letting go of all rational calculation of the possible consequences, stood up and spoke truth to power. He is currently being held by Iraqi security forces and faces an unknown fate. I would not want to be in his shoes right now.

I have started a Flickr group called Throw My Shoes Too! I put up a picture of myself with my shoes. In support of Mr. al-Zeidi, I urge you to go to Throw My Shoes Too! and put up a picture of your own. You can also leave a comment. If you are new to Flickr you will have to create an account, but that is free and only takes a moment.

15 dicembre 2008

Chiude in bellezza un anno di intensa attività musicale il londinese Cafe OTO con i concerti di The People Band (il 17 dicembre) e John Butcher, Veryan Weston, Hannah Marshall e Fabrizio Spera qui in quartetto per la prima volta come Quartet for the End of Year (il 22 dicembre).

The People Band established a reputation in the 60s for extending the boundaries of free music, and their album from that time, produced by Charlie Watts, is still relevant. Expect trade-mark full-on unqualified improvisation, radical yet entertaining free-form from original members including Terry Day, Davey Payne, George Khan, Paul Jolly, Mel Davis, Tony Marsh, Charlie Hart, Tony Edwards, Mike Figgis, Adam Hart, Terry Holman.

Although this particular ensemble - Quartet for the End of Year - of four players has never played as a quartet, there are strong connections within the group. John has worked in Italy with Fabrizio, Veryan has numerous projects with Hannah, John works Veryan in the Phil Minton Quartet etc….the evening will also see smaller combinations of the four musicians. A very fitting end to the year.

Cafe OTO is a venue based in Dalston, London presenting the most innovative artists working today with a particular focus on new music. Our aim is to support and foster a vibrant creative community rooted in our local surroundings whilst embracing the best new music and art from the U.K. and abroad.
Cafe OTO (meaning noise/sound/music in Japanese) comprises of one large café/performance space open during the day serving food and drink with an evening programme of live music, films, talks and discussions.
Performers who have played at Café Oto so far include: Henry Flynt, Kan Mikami, Kath Bloom, Jandek, Otomo Yoshihide, Evan Parker, Toshimaru Nakamura, Meg Baird, Chirs Corsano, Peter Walker, John Butcher, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Mt. Eerie, Diane Cluck, Saya (Tenniscoats), John Sinclair, Lol Coxhill, Eddie Prévost, Adam Bohman, Steve Beresford and many more.

Cafe OTO
18 - 22 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL

13 dicembre 2008

Periodo di sconti dal 25% al 40% su una settantina di titoli - la lista completa è in http://www.actuellecd.com/en/boutique/spc_rouge - distribuiti da Dame, etichetta creata nel 1991 da Joane Hétu a sostegno delle nuove musiche a Montréal. Fino al 5 gennaio 2009.

DAME was created in 1991 by musician-producer Joane Hétu to distribute and promote new music and musicians. With many years of experience in the music industry, DAME opens up new musical avenues little known in Canada. In its constantly expanding catalogue, DAME supports different independant labels from Quebec, mostly specialised in musique actuelle, amongst which we find Ambiances Magnétiques, Ambiances Magnétiques Jazz, Malasartes Musique, Monsieur Fauteux m’entendez-vous? and Collection QB. DAME distributes throughout Canada and abroad and is rapidly acquiring world reputation. For the passionate listener, the curious ear and all music lovers.

DAME / actuellecd.com
4580, avenue de Lorimier
Montréal (Québec)
tel +1 / 514-526-4096
fax +1 / 514-526-4487


08 dicembre 2008

Per il festival parigino Musique et Littérature, alla sua prima edizione dal 18 al 20 dicembre prossimi, John Greaves presenta il raffinato repertorio di Verlaine, stavolta in trio con Jef Morin (chitarra) e Scott Taylor (tromba, fisarmonica).

Les 18, 19 et 20 décembre 2008 se tiendront au Lavoir Moderne Parisien les premières rencontres « Musique et Littérature ».
Cette manifestation qui reprend l’une des préoccupations majeures de l’association JazzoSphère, à savoir la pluridisciplinarité, entend surprendre et réunir tout à la fois mélomanes et lecteurs pour trois soirées phares.
Ici la musique enrobe le texte, lui donne une lecture nouvelle, accentue la dramaturgie et capte l’attention.
Géraldine Keller et Jean-Luc Cappozzo sont initiés à ce genre de rencontre. Ils nous proposent, en ouverture du superbe projet de John Greaves - Verlaine -, une improvisation échevelée autour de textes utilisés comme stimuli à leur créativité débordante.
Le lendemain, vendredi 19 décembre, sera proposé en exclusivité parisienne, le projet du batteur Bruno Tocanne autour de la Beat Generation. En première partie, le groupe mythique Palo Alto interprètera les textes de Jacques Barbéri.
Enfin la soirée de clôture permettra aux auditeurs de redécouvrir la chanteuse Violetta Ferrer qui interprétera, avec la passion qui l’anime, les textes de Federico Garcia Lorca. Le dernier concert s’articulera autour d’un dispositif quadriphonique qui, par la spatialisation qu’il créera, donnera vie à Lilas Triste, fabuleux voyage initiatique proposé par Franck Vigroux et Marc Ducret.
Trois soirées où l’intensité du texte sera renforcée par la vision éclairée de quelques musiciens aventureux.

Lavoir moderne parisien
35, rue Léon
75018 Paris
M° Marcadet-Poissonniers ou Château rouge
Bus 31, 56, 60
Réservations : 01 42 52 09 14

07 dicembre 2008

Un'intervista a Robert Wyatt condotta da Rosie Swash per The Guardian si ascolta in http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/audio/2008/dec/05/robert-wyatt-interview; un estratto della stessa intervista è anche in http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/audio/2008/dec/05/robert-wyatt-music-weekly-podcast

02 dicembre 2008

Un articolo di qualche giorno fa di Rob Fitzpatrick per The Guardian volge l'attenzione a uno dei più singolari progetti artistici realizzati in seno all'industria discografica britannica ufficiale a metà degli anni ottanta, la El Records di Mike Alway, cercando di collegare le recenti attività dell'etichetta a quella prima irripetibile stagione, quando nel giro di pochi mesi uscirono a raffica decine di album e singoli raffinati e coloratissimi, eleganti e anticonformisti: li firmavano Louis Philippe, Would-Be-Goods, Momus, Simon Fisher Turner, Monochrome Set, Anthony Adverse, Marden Hill, Bad Dream Fancy Dress e tanti tanti altri nomi, in molti casi effimeri e di pura fantasia. Ricordi e commenti di Alway punteggiano l'articolo richiamando ragioni e ispirazioni dietro l'efficace 'immagine' voluta e costruita per la El: peccato però che né lui né l'articolista facciano cenno alcuno a chi brillantemente e con opera certosina ne realizzò il 'suono' (e tra questi appunto Louis Philippe, ma anche Dean Brodrick, e il produttore Richard Preston). Una diversa intervista con Mike Alway, una mezzoretta circa, si trova in www.cherryred.co.uk/el/index.htm, mentre della reazione di Philippe all'articolo di Fitzpatrick si legge nel piccolo forum del sito Sunshine: www.louisphilippe.co.uk

01 dicembre 2008

Il Teatro Comunale di Bolzano propone giovedì 4 e venerdì 5 dicembre 2008 (con inizio ad ore 20.00), in esclusiva nazionale, I Went To The House But Did Not Enter, recente creazione di Heiner Goebbels. Coprodotta dal Festival di Edimburgo, dal Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne e dai teatri di Bolzano, Lussemburgo, Francoforte e Strasburgo, I Went To The House But Did Not Enter si configura come un concerto scenico in tre quadri di cui è unico protagonista l’Hilliard Ensemble, il quartetto vocale inglese (David James, controtenore, Rogers Covey-Crump e Steven Harrold, tenori, Gordon Jones, baritono) apprezzato in tutto il mondo per le sue splendide interpretazioni di musica antica, rinascimentale e contemporanea. Nella realizzazione di questo suo nuovo lavoro, Goebbels si è avvalso dell'abituale team di collaboratori: Klaus Grünberg (scene e luci), Florence von Gerkan (costumi), Willi Bopp (suono).

Ognuno dei tre quadri di I Went To The House But Did Not Enter è ambientato in epoche e spazi differenti ed è dedicato ad un testo letterario del XX secolo, rispettivamente uscito dalla penna di un giovanile T. S. Eliot ("The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock"), di Maurice Blanchot ("La folie du jour") e di Samuel Beckett ("Worstward Ho"). Nonostante siano rigorosamente diversi tra loro, i testi hanno qualcosa in comune: delineano un "io" anonimo, frammentato, moltitudine di voci e di sfaccettature in cui il lettore non può affidarsi a personaggi e ruoli chiaramente definiti. Il loro linguaggio – benché differente – non offre alcuna promessa di sicurezza. E tutti i testi hanno in comune la diffidenza verso le forme narrative lineari, persino quando questi stessi testi sono pieni di storie: i racconti non rivelano il loro senso, spesso paradossale, se non quando gli ascoltatori li completano.

30 novembre 2008

A precedere il concerto londinese del prossimo 14 dicembre a sostegno di Hugh Hopper sarà, in atmosfera più intima e praticamente sotto casa, il concerto a Whitstable, la 'perla del Kent', il 12: tra i partecipanti Annie Whitehead con Orphy Robinson e Lol Coxhill, Happy Accidents, Frances Knight Trio, Johnny Atkinson, Frank van der Kooij e altri.

Dal diario on-line di Hopper: "Thanks to everyone who has sent healing vibes, best wishes, postcards from all around the world, cash... I am still getting my strength back slowly, but it's coming... [...] There are a couple of benefit gigs for me, kindly arranged by friends and musicians - Dec 12 in Whitstable with Happy Accidents, Frances Knight, Johnny Atkinson and many guests; Dec 14 at the 100 Club in London with all the usual Canterbury suspects - John Etheridge with John Marshall and Roy Babbington, Phil Miller's In Cahoots, Delta Sax Quartet, Patrice Meyer, Liam Genockey, Alex McGuire, Sophia Domancich and Simon Goubert ... and many others who will no doubt jam together at the end. Almost worth getting leukaemia to be able to assemble a line-up like that..."


28 novembre 2008

Esce il nuovo lavoro di Yugen, che reinterpreta sapientemente belle pagine del repertorio di Tommaso Leddi. L'album si intitola Uova fatali, e vi prende parte a vario titolo lo stesso Leddi. Lo pubblica, come il precedente Labirinto d'acqua, l'etichetta milanese Altrock.

Alcuni brani dell'album sono stati eseguiti dal vivo dall'ottetto negli studi di RadioTre per Piazza Verdi: la puntata, dello scorso 8 novembre, si riascolta in http://tinyurl.com/8a7grc

24 novembre 2008

Il museo d'arte contemporanea CAPC a Bordeaux ospita a partire dal prossimo 2 dicembre una mostra sulle culture e le esperienze psichedeliche in Francia dal titolo "IΔO - Explorations psychédéliques en France", aperta fino all'8 marzo 2009. Per l'inaugurazione sono previsti tre giorni di concerti ed eventi musicali di varia natura, dal 28 al 30 novembre, cui partecipano anche Tim Blake e Kevin Ayers (quest'ultimo con il gruppo The Telescopes). Nell'allestimento trovano spazio tra gli altri numerosi materiali stampati video e audio risalenti al sessantotto parigino di Daevid Allen e Gilli Smyth e alla gestazione francese della creatura Gong.

IΔO Explorations psychédéliques en France 1968 - ∞
Du mardi 2 décembre 2008 au dimanche 8 mars 2009
Entrepôt Lainé - CAPC

Entre exposition et événement, installation, scène et sculpture, I∆O est une tentative d'exposition de l'expérience psychédélique.
Aujourd'hui, une nouvelle génération d'artistes puise aux sources du psychédélisme historique pour amener ce que l'on a pu appeler la 3e révolution psychédélique - la 2e étant l'émergence de la culture électronique à la fin des années 1980. Se fondant sur la notion d'expérience, I∆O constitue dès lors le premier éclairage jamais porté sur le psychédélisme entendu depuis le contexte français et ses nombreuses ramifications internationales. Après un festival de trois jours, l'espace, délaissé, comme en attente, est peuplé d'une série de traces. Films, restes de light-shows, diapositives, coupures de presse et photographies, affiches et flyers, objets de scène, disques, livres, magazines et bandes-dessinées, archives de happenings et oeuvres... deviennent comme la partition des concerts, projections, performances, rencontres, et interventions d'artistes de différentes générations qui se déroulent, trois mois durant, dans le nef du CAPC.

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22 novembre 2008

La collezione Soft Machine si arricchisce di un nuovo gioiello con la pubblicazione tra pochi giorni dell'inedito Drop, tratto interamente dai concerti che il gruppo tenne in Germania a metà ottobre 1971. In formazione erano allora Mike Ratledge, Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper e Phil Howard. L'album esce per MoonJune Records con una dedica al compianto Elton Dean; le preziose note informative sono di Steve Lake mentre il restauro sonoro dei nastri originali è opera di Mike King.

Soft Machine were one of first and one of the greatest jazz/rock bands of all time with their absolute peak between 1969 and 1972. This CD documents an often overlooked phase in the long and complex history of Soft Machine - Australian drummer Phil Howard's five-month interim behind the drum stool between Robert Wyatt's departure and his eventual long-term replacement John Marshall. It did last long enough to record half of the studio album "Fifth" (1972) and a couple of BBC radio sessions, but until now no official document of that line-up in its preferred environment - the stage. Howard was brought into Soft Machine by saxophonist Elton Dean, both being members of Elton's side project Just Us, and under their combined influence the band became freer and wilder than ever before (or after) in its existence, pushing longtime leaders Mike Ratledge and Hugh Hopper into unchartered areas of electric madness. Before long they'd decided this wasn't the way to go, but meanwhile the line-up had antagonised audiences throughout extensive tours of the UK and Europe. This CD documents the German leg of the tour and, as veteran music journalist Steve Lake notes in his detailed liner notes, is a revelation - a glimpse of a highly exciting alternative route Soft Machine decided not to explore further.

21 novembre 2008

Keith Tippett è stato protagonista della serata inaugurale del London Jazz Festival 2008 lo scorso 14 novembre, esibendosi in duo di improvvisazione prima con Stan Tracey, poi con Julie Tippett ed eseguendo infine con il quartetto d'archi Elysian String Quartet una delle sue maggiori composizioni degli ultimi anni, Linuckea. La BBC ha trasmesso buona parte del concerto nel corso della puntata radiofonica del 17 novembre di Jazz on 3, e il curatore del programma Jez Nelson ha promesso di trasmetterne in futuro anche il resto.

Jez Nelson presents a concert by pioneering British pianist Keith Tippett given on the opening night of the 2008 London Jazz Festival. This programme reflects the breadth and longevity of Tippett's career and includes highlights from the gig, which include a rare 'T 'n T' duet with Stan Tracey, a collaboration featuring the dynamic vocals of his long-term partner Julie Tippett and a performance with innovative string group the Elysian Quartet.
Tippett has played a central role in the evolution of British jazz for the last 40 years, from his work in the late 1960s leading his 50-piece ensemble Centipede to the improvisation of his solo piano performances.

18 novembre 2008

Michael King e Miki Dandy annunciano per inizio dicembre tre eccellenti nuove pubblicazioni per Reel Recordings, con materiali storici e d'archivio completamente inediti e recuperati dai nastri originali con scrupolosa fedeltà sonora:

In February 1972, a group of young jazz musicians gathered in London's Command Studios, with producer Robert Fripp, to record a double album intended for Ronnie Scott's Productions. The cast, consisting of pianist Keith Tippett, saxophonist Elton Dean, trombonist Nick Evans, trumpeter Mark Charig, and bassists Harry Miller & Johnny Dyani, with drummer Keith Bailey, unquestionably qualify the moniker All Stars. When the results were rejected as "no commercial potential", the master tapes were reused and the project forgotten, until Nick Evans, prompted by Reel Recordings, found copy reels for two of the four sides. What was discovered were diverse collective improvisations in a variety of group settings occasioned with unlikely instrumentation (Tippett - electric piano, Dean - sopranino, Miller - African flute). These tracks amount to much more than a series of curiosities as its title suggests, and open-hearted listening to this spontaneous music making reveals a plethora of riches. Of special note is the emotionally deep playing and interaction from South African bassists Harry Miller and Johnny Dyani. Recorded documents that add to the important history of British Jazz do not surface very often, and this rare All Star session commands its cultural recognition!

Bob Downes is a multi-instrumentalist composer processing a distinctive musical personality and prowess. Through bodily breath emanates sublime sounds from an array of flutes, poignant patterns from his alto and tenor saxophone performances, and engaging expressions of complimentary vocalizations. Open Music is the moniker under which Bob has produced an eclectic range of records since 1968. However none of the above prepares the listener for the profoundly engrossing experience that is Crossing Borders. Composed during an extended tour throughout South America in 1973, and evocative of the exotic locales encountered, Crossing Borders is a compendium of musical precision, mysticism,and tranquility. During the late seventies Bob Downes produced a beautifully warm analogue recording of his programmatic vision, colluding with contemporaries: guitarist Brian Godding, trombonist Paul Rutherford (1943-2007), bassists Barry Guy, Mark Meggido and Paul Bridge (1941-1998), and drummers Denis Smith and John Stevens (1943-1994). Thirty years later this unreleased record finally sees the light of day, and it has aged like a fine wine. A recording this special comes deservedly wrapped with our highest recommendation for everyone prepared to cross musical borders!

South African bassist Harry Miller (1941-1983) retains stature as an internationally recognized player who possessed both technical virtuosity and limitless musicality. One needs to only consider his gorgeous bass playing within the Mike Westbrook Concert Band and the legendary Brotherhood of Breath, to cite but two. During the mid-seventies Harry Miller formed Isipingo, a sextet crucible for his joyfully infectious Kwela inspired compositions. The musicians in the fray of these previously unreleased studio recordings read as a "who's who" of classic British Jazz; alto saxophonist Mike Osborne (1943-2007), pianists Stan Tracey or Keith Tippett, trumpeters Mongezi Feza (1945-1975) or Mark Charig, trombonists Nick Evans or Malcolm Griffiths, with the other half of Harry's heartbeat, drummer Louis Moholo, stoking the fiery coals. These men stampede through Harry Miller's vibrant compositions, two of which appear here for the first time. Born out of numerous sweaty nights in London's Peanuts, Phoenix and 100 Club, these undeniably exhilarating recordings of Harry Miller's Isipingo remains a proud clarion for the present generation of jazz lovers. Reel Recordings, in cooperation with Hazel Miller's Ogun Records, unfurl the legendary Isipingo banner and march proudly into the 21st century ~ Full Steam Ahead!

"A wealth of tremendous music making is there for the adventurous listener. Be assured that, as with all Reel Recordings releases, every care has been taken towards preserving and presenting the characteristics that are unique to the analogue recording medium. By virtue of eschewing hyper-compression and digital processing the listener is able to raise the volume towards a naturally dynamic musical experience.
We are very honored to have cared for, and to present such wonderful music. We hope you share in our enthusiasm. Yours in music!" (Michael King & Miki Dandy)

Ron Sweetman will be profiling Reel Recordings on his radio show, In A Mellow Tone, November 26, 2008 from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m., EST.
For those of you who are interested, here is the link to the online stream: http://www.ckcufm.com/audio.html

17 novembre 2008

Robert Wyatt consegna a Charlie Gilmour per The Guardian una personale lista di brani importanti e significativi, con annotazioni, ricordi e commenti: si legge in http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2008/nov/17/robert-wyatt-playlist
Rob Young recensisce su The Wire di dicembre 2008 altre cinque ristampe Domino: EPs, Old Rottenhat, Dondestan (Revisited), Shleep e Cuckooland.

15 novembre 2008

Tra le iniziative per il quarantesimo anniversario del gruppo Magma c'è anche l'uscita tra pochi giorni di un lussuoso cofanetto dal titolo Studio Zund contenente l'intera produzione di studio in nove capitoli - da Kobaia a K.A - generosamente illustrati e documentati, cui si aggiunge un doppio cd con materiali di archivio e rarità. Lo si richiede in http://www.seventhrecords.com

A must for MAGMA fanatics, fans and freaks everywhere. An opportunity not to be missed. For the first time ever, the full set of 9 incredible studio albums – from Kobaia to K.A – in deluxe digipack form. Each volume has its own 32 to 48 page booklets, containing photos and previously unpublished documents re-telling the story of MAGMA in 9 detailed chapters. Also includes a bonus double CD of archive documents: the first demo recorded by the band in 1970, the original soundtrack from the film 24 heures seulement recorded that same year by the line-up playing on the first album, a demo version of MDK with just rhythm section and a vocal guide track, and a version of Eliphas Levi with drums.

14 novembre 2008

Jimmy Carl Black e Mitch Mitchell, recentemente scomparsi, sono ricordati insieme in un breve scritto di Bruce Lee Gallanter, di Downtown Music Gallery, intitolato ''The Passing of Two Sixties Rock Drummer Legends":

We are sad to pass along this info, but two important members of key legendary sixties rock bands, the Mothers of Invention and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, have recently passed away. On Saturday, November 1st, we lost Jimmy Carl Black, the original drummer for the Mothers, he was 70 this year. Jimmy was one of the most colorful and humorous members of the Mothers, you can hear his deep vocals all over the early Mothers records. "Hi boys & girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black & I'm the Indian of the group," can be heard on 'We're Only in it for the Money' album. After Frank Zappa broke up the original Mothers in 1969, he hired Jimmy to act in the movie '200 Motels' where he sings "Lonesome Cowboy Burt" and asks the eternal questions, "When do we get paid and where's the waitress?" Jimmy went on to work with Captain Beefheart and Arthur Brown. He formed his own band, Geronimo Brown and was in various versions of the Grandmothers. I got to hang out with Jimmy for one long booze and herb flavored night at my friend Bill Doob's place in the nineties when he played Wetlands. We talked, laughed and reminisced all night long, it is a memory I will always cherish. Over the last decade, Jimmy Carl Black has collaborated with our pal, Eugene Chadbourne, calling themselves the Jack & Jim Show. I caught them a few times at The Stone last year and was blown away by their performances, especially Jimmy singing on "Willie the Pimp"! They have several CD's together and two DVD's which we carry and which I greatly recommend. Jimmy Carl Black was living in Germany for the past few years and you can learn more about him at www.jimmycarlblack.com

Mitch Mitchell, the original drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, passed way this week. He was 62 and had just finished doing the Experience Hendrix tribute tour. When the Jimi Hendrix Experience burst onto the music scene in 1966, there was no one quite like them. They were one the very first power trios and perhaps the first truly psychedelic bands to emerge from the sea of what would become thousands of bands around the world who were partially or fully psychedelic. The band only existed for about four years from 1966 to 1970, when Jimi Hendrix passed away under mysterious circumstances. I can still recall hearing their first album, "Are You Experienced?" in 1967 at the tender age of 13 and having my young mind blown away. The original band recorded just two more records while Jimi was still alive, "Axis: Bold as Love" and "Electric Ladyland" and both masterpieces still. Opening for the Hendrix Experience on a few different tours was Soft Machine, who became their friends. At the end of one of those tours, Mitchell gave his drums to Robert Wyatt as a matter of respect and friendship. Mr. Wyatt still has that set today. Mitch Mitchell was a wonderful, diverse and jazz influenced drummer, who could keep up with Jimi Hendrix's daredevil guitar playing, not an easy feat. Please check out any of the Hendrix Experience DVD's that exist to see those masters at work. He will be missed.

12 novembre 2008

John Brackett, giovane professore universitario dello Utah, pubblica per Indiana University Press un corposo studio su John Zorn dal titolo "John Zorn: Tradition and Transgression". George Lewis, docente anch'egli alla Columbia University, definisce il lavoro "A historically situated set of analyses is just what John Zorn deserves as a major artist of our time. The present volume will be important in furthering an understanding of his work."

The first full-length study of avant-garde American composer John Zorn, one of the most prolific and active American composers/performers working today. He has been a fixture of New York's "Downtown Scene" since the mid-70s as a tireless proponent of avant-garde and experimental music. Despite the acclaim and respect he has achieved in America and abroad, very little attention has been paid to Zorn by musicologists or music theorists. Author John Brackett, Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Utah, suggests that the reason for the relative paucity of writing on Zorn's music and musical thought has to do with the difficulties and challenges they present both for listeners and scholars. Zorn's musical language - an amalgam of seemingly incongruous techniques, sounds, styles, and genres - creates complex and sometimes confusing listening experiences that are difficult to categorize in terms of overarching thematic or narrative design. Brackett offers a number of perspectives for understanding Zorn's music and musical practices, while challenging certain assumptions that limit the ways in which contemporary music is typically addressed.

"Brackett's groundbreaking book . . . confronts Zorn's contradictory modes of expression that couple the aesthetics of Stravinsky, Boulez, Duchamp and Godard with the transgressive sexuality and violence of Bataille, Genet and Maruo, brilliantly demonstrating how these powerful dualities of thought - real yet fantastic, pleasing yet horrifying - synergize to make Zorn's compositional voice unique and seminal in the 21st century." - Severine Neff, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Un assaggio del contenuto si trova in http://www.echo.ucla.edu/Volume8-Issue1/brackett/brackett1.html con una versione del primo capitolo leggermente diversa da quella pubblicata. Un profilo dell'autore è in http://www.music.utah.edu/faculty/faculty_a-z/john_brackett mentre una recensione completa del testo è in http://www.bookforum.com/inprint/015_04/3009

11 novembre 2008

The Independent ricorda due importanti voci scomparse nei giorni scorsi: Yma Sumac e Miriam Makeba.

10 novembre 2008

Radiotre Suite Jazz trasmette nei prossimi giorni concerti di Larry Ochs' Sax & Drumming Core e Nublu Orchestra - guidata da Butch Morris - tenuti in Italia lo scorso anno. Giovedì 13 novembre, inoltre, Battiti mette in onda un'intervista realizzata con John Tchicai in occasione del festival pisano An Insolent Noise. Da qualche tempo la trasmissione (dal lunedì al venerdì, dalla mezzanotte all'1.30) si riascolta anche in mp3.

Martedì 18 novembre 2008, ore 20.30: Larry Ochs' Sax & Drumming Core
Registrato il 12.11.2007 al Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venezia
Larry Ochs, sassofoni; Scott Amendola, batteria; Donald Robinson, batteria; Natsuki Tamura, tromba; Satoko Fujii, pianoforte

Lunedì 24 novembre 2008, ore 20.30: Nublu Orchestra conducted by Lawrence "Butch" Morris
Registrato il 12.3.2007 all'Auditorium, Parco della Musica di Roma
Lawrence "Butch" Morris, direzione; Graham Haynes, cornetta; Jonathon Haffner, sax contralto; Ilhan Ersahin, sax tenore; Clark Gayton, trombone; Didi Gutman, tastiere; Doug Wieselman, chitarra; Zeke Zima, chitarra; Jesse Murphy, basso elettrico; Kenny Wollesen, batteria; Aaron Johnston, batteria, percussioni

Larry Ochs sarà a Gradisca d'Isonzo (Go) il prossimo 14 novembre per un concerto di un altro suo gruppo, Kihnoua (con Dohee Lee, Okkyung Lee e Scott Amendola), mentre con Rova tornerà in Italia a primavera 2009.

09 novembre 2008

Con il titolo Spectrum XXI si tiene dal 16 al 26 novembre 2008 la terza edizione del festival internazionale di 'musica spettrale' diretto da Iancu Dumitrescu e Ana-Maria Avram, con concerti a Bruxelles, Mons, Londra e Parigi. Partecipano The Hyperion Ensemble (Bucharest), IO String Quartet (New York), Tim Hodgkinson (London), Gustavo Aguilar e Robert Reigle (USA) tra gli altri. Calendario completo ed elenco dei brani in programma - molti quelli che verranno eseguiti per la prima volta - si trovano in http://festivalspectrum21.tripod.com

The Hyperion Ensemble was founded in 1976 by composer Iancu Dumitrescu. As a starting point, Hyperion explored possible connections between the most archaic Romanian music - Byzantine music, folk music collected by Bartok, etc. - and today’s avant-garde music. It is a tradition of performance, of interpreting each new score as a provocation of the spirit, and a quest for new domains of sound. Aesthetically, at the heart of this work is the notion of spectrality as it developed in the work of Dumitrescu, Avram and other Romanian composers, that is: a specifically transformational spectrality, as opposed to the structural spectrality of the French Itinéraire group. Hyperion has performed all over Europe, and recently in United States, and recorded numerous LPs and 24 compact discs.(Mode Records - New York).

08 novembre 2008

Alcune recensioni e gallerie fotografiche relative a The Wyatt Variations si trovano in:

Un altro progetto sulle musiche di Wyatt, intitolato provvisoriamente Around Robert Wyatt, dovrebbe esser messo in cantiere l'anno prossimo, protagonista l'Orchestre National de Jazz francese sotto la guida di Daniel Yvinec: http://www.citizenjazz.com/article3461503.html

Nel frattempo, in
MySpace si può ascoltare la Cara Voce in un breve brano, Camouflage, dall'imminente nuovo album di Barbara Morgenstern, BM.

07 novembre 2008

Il concerto londinese in memoria di Jimmy Carl Black si tiene nello storico Bridge House Pub in Canning Town domenica prossima, 9 novembre, con inizio alle 18.00. Partecipano Ben Watson, The Thurston Lava Tube, The Muffin Men, Fraz Knapp e That Legendary Wooden Lion tra gli altri. Evento simile si ripeterà in California il mese prossimo.

Un (parziale) elenco di materiali disponibili solo in download - altra iniziativa finalizzata alla raccolta di fondi a sostegno della famiglia del musicista - si trova in http://www.idiotbastard.com/News/JimmyCarlBlack.htm

Eugene Chadbourne scrive nuovamente di Black in
www.eugenechadbourne.com, mentre The Guardian pubblica un pezzo in sua memoria in www.guardian.co.uk/music/2008/nov/04/popandrock

Sunday 9 November 2008
Bidder Street
Canning Town
London E16 4ST
Doors open at 17.30, the fun begins at 18.00


06 novembre 2008

Il numero di novembre 2008 della rivista francese Jazz Magazine dedica uno speciale inserto a Christian Vander e Magma per il quarantesimo compleanno del gruppo: interviste, discografia consigliata, immagini, storie e prospettive con uno sguardo a una sempre più lunga lista di collaboratori, eredi, seguaci e imitatori.

Magma naissait il y a 40 ans et un coffret célébrera l’événement fin novembre. C’était l’occasion de remonter le fil rouge qui constitue le lien entre Magma et la musique dont Jazz Magazine porte le nom. Nous avons interrogé Christian Vander sur sa relation au jazz, à Coltrane et à Elvin Jones, éclairé le réseau de musiciens qui ont traversé Magma et de ceux qui jusqu’à nos jours se sont laissés traverser par son imaginaire, interviewé le plus symptomatique d’entre eux, le batteur Simon Goubert, reconstitué le contexte historique qui vit naître en même temps que Magma une espèce de jazz-rock à la française. Enfin, nous avons conseillé quelques disques-clés pour entrer dans l’œuvre de Christian Vander.

05 novembre 2008

Il bravissimo John Edwards pubblica per l'etichetta Psi il suo primo album, Volume, inciso in solitudine a gennaio. "The record of the year", secondo Steve Beresford.

Scrive nelle note Marek Tuszynski: "Volume is the first solo CD by John Edwards, increasingly recognised as one of the most significant players of his generation. Recorded in splendid detail by John Wall, these 9 tracks are a very fresh take on the possibilities of unamplified double bass playing, making it a major entry in the solo bass literature. This solo recording is an unusual and rare offering that comes from a musician who performs every day, every week, and appears on over 100 records. It's a selection of sounds, melodies, and gestures from this characteristic spectrum, combined with behaviours belonging to a virtuoso, and with those that can only be learned from persistent jigsawing or by illuminating and fusing all user manuals."

04 novembre 2008

Due gruppi giovani e interessanti, di buona perizia tecnica e con una netta predilezione per suoni scabri e spigolosi, compiono un breve giro di concerti in Italia nei prossimi giorni: Ahleuchatistas e Brown Vs Brown.

13 novembre 2008: Boulevard Cafe, Bolzano
14 novembre 2008: Sinister Noise, Roma

Brown Vs Brown
19 novembre 2008: Studentato Universitario di San Bartolomeo, Trento
20 novembre 2008: La Centrale, Pisa
21 novembre 2008: Init, Roma