21 agosto 2009

BBC Radio 3 trasmette domani sera The Transgressive Gospel, nuovo lavoro di Michael Finnissy, nella registrazione effettuata in occasione della prima mondiale allo Spitalfields Festival lo scorso giugno. Interpreti sono Kate Westbrook e Richard Jackson e l'ensemble Ixion, diretti dallo stesso Finnissy.
Recensione del concerto si legge in http://tinyurl.com/nfnvj4 e un commento è anche nell'ultimo numero del periodico Smith's Academy Informer: "The two-hour piece presents the passion of Christ using a variety of texts set to music for this small-scale but colourful ensemble – violin, viola, cello, accordion, cimbalom and piano. The music - which draws on a variety of styles and influences (some - on a first hearing - more recognisable than others) at times shimmered, shone, agonised, underpinned or established tensions with the story being unfolded by the vocalists. Richard Jackson conveyed great commitment to his classically based part and communicated the pain and significance of the events. Kate Westbrook's part, jazz derived but no less serious, complemented Richard's and she rose to the occasion infusing it both with life and the appropriate degree of gravitas."