10 settembre 2009

Mini mica tanto il "ReR mini-update September 2009" da oggi in circolazione, ricco anzi di numerose proposte di interesse: tre titoli in proprio - un Pere Ubu d'annata, una ristampa R. Stevie Moore e un nuovo Fred Frith - e molti album, cd, dvd e libri in distribuzione speciale, alcuni assai rari e di disponibilità limitata. E oltre a questo, una lunga lista di offerte a prezzo amichevole - anche dai magazzini Cuneiform - per acquisti entro il 3 ottobre. Così Cutler sui tre nuovi titoli ReR:

PERE UBU: London Texas
A great live recording of the sadly short-lived version of the band that existed between the arrival of Eric Drew Feldman and the departure of Chris Cutler. By far the best recording of the Scott, Cutler, Maimone rhythm section, I think, and the whole band is on intense concert form: David racked up to 11, Eric working equally on foundations and fine details as to the out-there manner born and Jim Jones somewhere in the stratosphere. Coming back to it, this was a pretty great band. The songs are economical, tightly arranged and take no prisoners. And there's that live energy - the closest we can get to being when and where we weren't. Studio recordings can't do this. Mastered by Bob Drake, and it stings like a bee - with a beret. Play it loud.

R STEVIE MOORE: Phonography
The first time I heard R. Stevie Moore was when the Residents played me Goodbye Piano - which would have been sometime in early 1978. Soon after that, I got in touch with him to import some copies for Recommended - followed over the years by many of his other releases. Phonography was Stevie's first, and a masterpiece. Terminally idiosyncratic but with all the compositional qualities of great pop. R Stevie Moore is a gifted songwriter and marches to his own drum - as this strange and compelling record attests. It's been out of print for some time and we have taken the opportunity to restore it to its original form and carefully re-master it. A classic.

FRED FRITH: Impur part II
Essentially a pretty great concert by a large 19 strong ensemble with Fred conducting as well as playing. Lots of rhythm, harmony, rock noise, exotic instrumentation, power, complexity and melodic writing, with stretches of chaos, eccentricity and theatre. Totally different, then, from Impur part 1 (ReR FRFC1) which was a deconstructed, spatialised simultaneity of musical events heard through open windows or by wandering through rooms; Impur 2 was an unannounced performance upon which audience members had to stumble (and then collect their friends - or not). The recording here was in fact made a little later, by the same people in a different artspace and has been edited and re-mastered by Fred for this release. It fits well in the aesthetic of earlier group records from Fred: Gravity, Skeleton Crew, Keep the Dog.