01 settembre 2009

Nuovi concerti a settembre in Regno Unito, Canada, Giappone e Germania per Three Friends, il gruppo raccolto attorno a tre 'storici' membri di Gentle Giant.

Formed by Kerry Minnear (keyboards), Gary Green (guitar), and Malcolm Mortimore (drums) of Gentle Giant, they are augmented by Roger Carey (bass, vocals), John Donaldson (keys), Andy Williams (guitar), and Mick Wilson of 10cc (vocals). Three Friends has started performing the repertoire of Gentle Giant in Europe, with three successful gigs already under their belts. Their performances include material from classic Giant albums Three Friends, Acquiring the Taste, Octopus, Free Hand, In a Glass House, The Power and the Glory, and the self-titled debut, and they are rehearsing more of their old material that they have not yet had a chance to play live. There has never been a group like Gentle Giant since they ceased to be almost thirty years ago, and the hopes for a reunion over the years have until now proven futile. This year, at last, the remaining willing members of Gentle Giant will once again give life to their music, and this is as close as fans will get to seeing the full original formation.