21 ottobre 2009

Dopo "Meet The R. Stevie Moore" dello scorso anno, Cherry Red attinge nuovamente agli archivi domestici dell'autarchico chitarrista/cantante per confezionare "Me Too!", antologia di brani dal 1976 al 1994. Nelle note di copertina scrive Dave Gregory (XTC): "It’s a shame that whenever R. Stevie Moore’s music is brought up for consideration in the media, the focus of attention invariably falls on the lo-fi form rather than the rich and varied content. Most famous for being the world’s longest-surviving “Freeform D.I.Y.” artist, more has been written about his lack of care in the area of aural fidelity than the music itself. For me, he’s a seriously underrated maverick talent, the Neil Young of the real underground - so many of his songs are surely hits-in-waiting for that nation of aspiring artists lacking a half-decent idea. Admittedly his subject matter may not always be comprehensible to the record buyer on the street, but his lyrics are intelligent and/or downright funny, he knows how to string a sequence of chords together and he has a gift for melody that many a more “successful” songwriter would envy."

Il primo album di Moore, Phonography (del 1976), è stato da poco ristampato in cd da ReR, mentre una versione in doppio vinile dovrebbe presto essere prodotta da Sundazed Music.