24 ottobre 2009

Due concerti in Italia la prossima settimana per K-Space (Tim Hodgkinson, Ken Hyder e Gendos Chamzyryn): il 30 ottobre a S. Vito di Leguzzano, VI (CSC Centro Stabile di Cultura) e il giorno dopo a Ravaldino in Monte, FC (Area Sismica).

Scrisse Hodgkinson quando uscì l'album Infinity (Ad-Hoc, 2008), anche a proposito del software che ad ogni utilizzo del cd propone un differente missaggio dei brani: "Various friends have asked if we think other musicians will follow us into producing albums that play differently each time. We don't know. But we are at a turning point in the way in which music is being produced and distributed. Of course K-Space are not interested in innovation as such, we were looking for the next logical step for the larger project of which this forms part, namely the K-Space project. I think if you look at what we've done over the years and how it's changed, this is very clear. Remember that K-Space also plays acoustic concerts in remote places where they don't have electricity. And there's a connection between these two facts, the fact that we've found ourselves, accidentally as it were, at some kind of technological cutting edge, and the fact that we also work in a technologically extremely primitive way. K-Space music, the music that 'had to be' expressed in this new way, is grounded in a deep respect for very old, very long-term, dimensions of musical experience. Its absolute beating heart is still and always the meeting of Ken and I with Gendos Chamzyryn from Tuva, a meeting that hopefully our friendship has not prevented from happening again and again, in the sense of being a re-meeting each time and a real collision between different musical cultures. So we feel that K-Space is dealing with very old questions of music, questions that are faced by musicians in all times and places: in this broad sense, yes, we feel that our work feeds into the broader contemporary musical culture."