10 ottobre 2009

Fantastico. Reel Recordings pubblicherà a breve un doppio cd (e ulteriore documentazione in un cd-rom aggiuntivo) tratto dai concerti di Soft Machine - allora Ratledge, Dean, Hopper e Wyatt - tenuti a Oslo nel febbraio 1971.

Reel Recordings is pleased to announce the imminent release of, what is in our experience, the finest recording of the classic Soft Machine quartet ever committed to tape. There was never another band that rose to the heights that Mike Ratledge, Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, and Robert Wyatt did, nor are succinct descriptions of their music applicable here. Therefore, with much to celebrate about this exciting double cd set, we have complimented this simply stunning concert performance with a specially designed CD-ROM. This colourfully presents an extensive eight-chapter essay: The Soft Machine Sound: An Acoustic Electronic Experience Examined, replete with previously unseen photos and unheard recording extracts. Hats off to the Henie Onstad Art Centre in Oslo, Norway for allowing our label of love to care for their extraordinary direct-to-Studer, two- track ambient recording. Additionally, we offer our deeply felt appreciation to Robert and Mike, as well as Elton's and Hugh's estate, for their enthusiastic approval. We hope we have done justice to the distinguished history of the Henie Onstad Art Centre and the Soft Machine recorded legacy, with the listeners’ approval in mind. Your first opportunity to knock on our mail order door will arrive on November 1, 2009.