04 ottobre 2009

Prima ristampa in compact disc dello storico album di Ivor Cutler Privilege, pubblicato in origine da Rough Trade nel 1983. Con la produzione di David Toop e Steve Beresford, le canzoni e le letture di Cutler - e di Linda Hirst, qui contitolare - godettero di un'ambientazione sonora meno spartana del consueto, e un brano, "Women of the World", ebbe discreta notorietà anche come singolo (anni dopo lo riprese Jim o'Rourke in apertura del suo Eureka).

The first of three albums Ivor Cutler made for Rough Trade Records, Privilege is unusual in being only one of two albums that Ivor made in collaboration with other artists. It is unique in that there is a second voice to be heard, that of singer Linda Hirst. The album additionally features musicians David Toop and Steve Beresford who play several instruments as well as producing the record.
Some of Ivor's records are quite dark and reflect the deep depressions he suffered. This album, however, is lighter and playful. It includes humorous rollicking songs such as Tomato Brain, Silent "S", and Pussy On The Mat.
This collection includes 'Women of the World' - possibly the only overtly political song in Ivor's recorded repertoire.
The CD comes with a booklet which includes notes by all the artists who perform on the album: Linda Hirst, David Toop and Steve Beresford. Cutler fans will be interested to read these fascinating recollections about the experience of working with him.