22 ottobre 2009

Senza aver del tutto perso lo smalto di allora, due celebri gruppi di sole donne dell'epoca del punk e di quella leggermente successiva, The Slits e The Raincoats, sono ancora in piena attività, con numerosi concerti in programma rispettivamente nel Regno Unito e negli USA.
Un nuovo album, Trapped Animal, e un libro biografico 'Typical Girls? The Story of The Slits' (di Zoe Street Howe, Omnibus Press, 2009) aggiornano e rilanciano la storia del colorato gruppo di Ari Up e Viv Albertine mentre per The Raincoats Gina Birch sta completando il film 'Fairytales', narrazione del loro periodo migliore, dal 1977 al 1981: "The famous illustration containing the words "this is a chord, this is another, this is a third. Now form a band" parodies a very real and important notion behind the punk music scene: that anyone who had the inclination to create music could perform, at a time when the perceived elitism of the establishment was being broken down. This was the era under which art students Ana da Silva and Gina Birch formed the band The Raincoats. The film 'Fairytales' covers the period 1977-1981. It turns out to be an enjoyable and interesting film for fans and those unaware of ‘The Raincoats’ alike. Combining Super-8 footage from the band’s early days with more recent footage and insightful interviews, the formation of the band is charted and placed into a wider context. The film shows how their musical style evolved rapidly from inventive but unpolished to something altogether more developed whilst still not losing its innovative edge. As the film continues, the question of feminism naturally arises. It appears that without being deliberately feminist this all-woman punk group ended up epitomising some of feminism’s goals. Running to around forty minutes in length, the film certainly packs in plenty of visual and informative material. Gina mentions that she still has more footage to rewatch and incorporate. Undoubtedly this film, once it has been completed and given its final polish, will be an important addition to the archives of punk culture and music history."