17 novembre 2009

Barbaro (ma non troppo) è l'eccellente nuovo album del gruppo Present guidato da Roger Trigaux: si compone di un cd di studio con tre brani (uno è una rilettura del celebre Jack the Ripper, già in Heresie per Univers Zero) e di un dvd di quasi tre ore con riprese video dai festival RIO France Event e Gouveia Art Rock rispettivamente del 2007 e 2006, oltre a diversi altri materiali d'archivio. Su Ad Hoc Records.

Roger Trigaux's post-Univers Zero band, Present, returns with a vengeance on this release: a new studio album CD, plus a three-hour DVD. These are compositions that spread out and expand upon the style of the band's latest works, Number 6 and High Infidelity, and include the Trigaux duo's latest epic, Vertges, as well as Present's slick version of Jack The Ripper, and Pierre Chevalier's fiery, A Last Drop. The DVD is comprised of live footage from the band's two RIO France performances in 2007, and roughly half of the Gouveia Art Rock Festival performance from 2005. As an added bonus, there is archival footage, some of which dates back to the early days of the band, featuring Daniel Denis and Christian Genet. All of this has been exquisitely recorded and mixed by Udi Koomran, with post-video work by Asaf Carmeli, both of whom were out to re-define the parameters of modern-day Rock In Opposition products. The disks come in a spiffy, 8-panel digipack.