14 novembre 2009

Long Live Rock propone domani per BlogTalkRadio un'intervista a Gary Green. Il chitarrista parla della nuova pubblicazione del catalogo Gentle Giant - da pochi giorni in formato digitale e presto anche in cd in alcune serie antologiche che avranno anche inediti dal vivo - rispondendo a domande degli ascoltatori e illustrando i futuri impegni del gruppo Three Friends, che pare intenzionato a proseguire le attività - chissà se con nome immutato - anche dopo la recente 'rinuncia' di Kerry Minnear. Questi è intervistato in www.classicrockrevisited.com/interviewsGentleGiant.htm

Gentle Giant is regarded by many as one of the world's most underrated rock bands. Formed from the ashes of the erstwhile pop group Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, from 1970 to 1980 Gentle Giant released a string of musically and lyrically adventurous albums that challenged the preconceptions of the rock genre while earning the band a rabidly loyal following. Though the band never achieved the same degree of commercial success as its progressive rock contemporaries like ELP, Yes, Genesis or Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant retains a fanatical cult-like audience almost forty years after the release of its first album. On November 3rd Gentle Giant released 'In A Glass House', 'The Power and the Glory', 'Free Hand', 'Interview', 'Playing The Fool', 'The Missing Piece', and 'Giant For A Day' through all digital channels. The albums are re-mastered and each one features several bonus tracks from either live concerts or live radio sessions. The band promises there will be more catalog releases to come in 2010.
Guitarist Gary Green played on all of Gentle Giant's albums and tours. When the band broke up in 1980 Green relocated to America, where he played on Eddie Jobson's 'Green' album. He spent the next several decades in a succession of bands, at one point even leaving the music business entirely. In more recent years Green has resurfaced working with Billy Sherwood, most notably on 'Back Against The Wall' in 2005, and 2006's 'Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon'. In 2009 Gary Green began playing in a new group called Three Friends, so titled after the Gentle Giant album of the same name. The group consisted of former Gentle Giant members Green, Kerry Minnear and Malcolm Mortimore, augmented by additional members and performing the music of Gentle Giant. Gary Green joins us tonight to talk about the remastered Gentle Giant digital releases, his career with the band, Three Friends, and to take some listener calls!