07 novembre 2009

Torna a far concerti, in formazione di rinnovato sestetto, il gruppo di Phil Miller In Cahoots. Il 10 novembre a Londra (Vortex Jazz Bar) e il giorno seguente a Colchester (Colchester Institute, Swinburne Hall). Informazioni: www.philmiller-incahoots.co.uk

The original In Cahoots line up came out of the Canterbury Scene in 1982 and many heavyweight names, including the late Elton Dean, have passed through the ranks of the group over the years. The present sextet comprises Phil Miller (guitar), Paul Booth (saxophone), Mark Armstrong (trumpet), Fred Baker (bass) , Pete Lemer (keyboards) and Mark Fletcher (drums).
'...dazzling and engaging. While steeped in Canterbury roots, this music is very straight-ahead jazz, merging old school traditions with modern delivery. The result is mesmerizing and rewarding, with wide appeal' (Sonic Curiosity).