14 dicembre 2009

Che bello! Dave Stewart riprende da questo mese a pubblicare suoi scritti di musica, ricollegandosi idealmente alla serie 'Inside The Music' da lui realizzata per le riviste Keyboard e KM diversi anni fa. Lo fa presso il sito www.davebarb.demon.co.uk, con queste premesse: "For many moons I wrote regular music articles, starting in the UK magazine Sound International in 1979. That series became the basis for my first music book Introducing the Dots, first published in the UK in 1981 and reissued worldwide in 1992. I subsequently wrote an extended series of articles for Keyboard (USA) and KM (Japan), some of which were reprinted in Sound On Sound (UK). When I laid down my pen in June 1998 it came as a bit of a shock to realise that I’d amassed over 120 articles over the course of 13 years. They were mainly about my own music, but also covered the work of musicians I admire (Phil Miller, Mont Campbell, Bill Bruford, Django Bates, Andy Partridge, Eric McWhirter) and other areas which interested me, such as African balafon music, Balinese gamelan, harmonic theory, rhythm programming, working with samples, etc. Recently I found myself leafing through this archive in search of a notated keyboard part to a song Barbara and I were planning to play live (that's one of the advantages of writing about your own music - it makes you notate things which would otherwise be forgotten). As I searched the articles I remembered how much I’d enjoyed writing them; I also recalled that at the time of ceasing my Keyboard writing gig I’d vowed to continue the 'Inside The Music' series online, but somehow never got round to it. Well, after a break of a decade or so I have got round to it, and hope the results will be of interest to anyone out there who, like me, enjoys thinking about the inner workings of music..."

Il primo contributo è dedicato all'analisi compositiva di Jupiter Rising, brano di apertura dell'album di Stewart con Barbara Gaskin Green and Blue uscito la primavera scorsa.
I concerti tenuti in Giappone in concomitanza con l'uscita dell'album sono illustrati in fine dettaglio in un bell'articolo per la rivista Performing Musician: www.performing-musician.com/pm/nov09/articles/touringinjapan.htm mentre a diverse domande recentemente rivolte loro da appassionati e curiosi Dave e Barbara danno risposta per iscritto in www.progressiveears.com/library/Stewart-Gaskin.asp