27 dicembre 2009

Da pochi giorni è disponibile il nuovo numero di Improvised Music from Japan, pubblicazione piuttosto corposa - questa volta sono quasi 130 pagine, in lingua giapponese e inglese, con 3 cd audio in allegato - che ogni anno documenta e commenta la scena delle musiche di ricerca e improvvisazione in Giappone, principalmente attraverso la voce degli stessi protagonisti, musicisti promotori e organizzatori. Indice completo si trova in http://www.japanimprov.com/imjlabel/310-2/index-e.html

Improvised Music from Japan 2009 takes a look at improvised/experimental music festivals and concert series in Japan. Covered in the book are 33 of the many festival/series events taking place around the country. The articles (some written by the organizers themselves, others based on interviews of the organizers conducted in person or by e-mail) reveal the ideas, aims and feelings of the people on the small improvised/experimental music scene who work tirelessly to hold these events on an ongoing basis. There's also an appendix with photos taken at the 2008 Ftarri Festival Tokyo. In addition to the 128-page book (all bilingual English-Japanese), there are 3 CDs with a total of 31 tracks by 31 artists/groups, for an amazing range of music.