04 dicembre 2009

Dal seminario 'creativo' di dieci settimane tenuto all'Università di Warwick, Coventry tra il gennaio e il marzo scorsi proviene in buona parte il materiale raccolto nel libro di Peter Blegvad Imagine, Observe, Remember. Se ne trova documentazione presso il sito dell'Università, oltre a una conversazione in cui Blegvad illustra le premesse teoriche e gli esiti del corso, e il filmato di una performance da esso scaturita.
Il libro è in distribuzione da ReR Megacorp e consigliato come un 'perfetto dono per Natale' (un po' come lo fu anche The Book of Leviathan).

Imagine, Observe, Remember
14.5 x 22.5 cm paperback format with stiff cover, lavishly illustrated. Peter has been working on this general theme for well over 30 years, and in this incarnation it takes the form of a description and transcription of a series of lectures given to students at Warwick University about memory, observation and imagination, with examples and exercises which though never less than Blegvadianly exotic and esoteric, are equally perceptive, phenomenological and to the point. As a thinking tool, it takes in, amongst many other things, the Art of Memory, Oulipo, Surrealism, Psychology and Francis Galton’s ‘Statistics of Mental Imagery’(1880). The four appendices comprise drawings by students of the (visualised) ‘black substance that came out of his mouth’, (mis) recollections of the tale from which that line was taken’, imagined versions of the story, by some who missed it, recollections and imaginings triggered by observations, the theatre programme for Peter’s dramaturgical Imaginary Media - performed by the students at the end of the course, and a strip cartoon of his own: ‘How to be a Seer’ (12pp). Now if this isn’t the perfect Christmas present…