01 dicembre 2009

Per il sessantesimo compleanno di Paul Lovens il festival Phonomanie si trasforma questo fine settimana in un gran festa tra amici e ammiratori, nell'intimo e accogliente Jazzatelier di Ulrichsberg, in Austria: dal 4 al 6 dicembre partecipano in varie combinazioni Paul Lytton, Evan Parker, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Eugene Chadbourne, John Edwards, Paul Hubweber, Günter Christmann, Mats Gustafson, Michael Moore, Phil Wachsmann, Sabina Meyer, Radu Malfatti, Klaus Filip, Tobias Delius, Rudi Mahall, Wilbert de Joode, Serigne C.M. Gueye, John Russell, Carlos Zingaro, Hans Reichel e Wolfgang Mitte.
Auguri Paul!

Paul Lovens is one of the co-inventors and co-founders of that movement within European improvised music that has developed since the 60s as a reaction and an answer to American Free Jazz. This special kind of music making has long emancipated itself from its close ties to jazz and has found forms characterised by absolute autonomy and independence. Lovens will be appearing under the programmatic title of “Vermögen” (Capability) together with musicians with whom he has been working together for a long time. “Capability” means a great deal to Lovens: “being strong, being effective, being capable of doing something, being given the opportunity to do it, feeling under the obligation to do it, being allowed to do it, being empowered.” He and his musical colleagues have this capability, as Lovens underlines: “Even though in free improvisation, which is the style we work in, nothing is for sure and nothing can be taken for granted, there is this sense of security that wells up in me everytime I sit down at my drum set.”