07 dicembre 2009

Si inaugura tra pochi giorni a Nizza, alla Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra, una retrospettiva dedicata al settantacinquenne bassista californiano - da molti anni residente in Francia - Barre Phillips: la mostra rimane aperta fino a febbraio del prossimo anno ed è accompagnata da una serie di concerti incentrati sul rapporto tra musica, cinema, danza, improvvisazione e jazz.

The Life and Work of Barre Phillips is the subject of an exhibition at Nice’s Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra, running from December 11 2009 to February 6 2010. Titled 40 ans de création musicale, the exhibition looks at aspects of the great bassist’s work since moving from America to France in 1969, including documentation of many tours, recordings and more. Films and performance are also part of the programme, with Barre Phillips giving four Saturday afternoon concerts. On December 12, Barre gives a solo concert. The performance on December 19 is headlined “Barre Phillips et la danse” and is a collaboration with choreographer and improviser Emmanuelle Pépin. On January 16 the subject is “Barre Phillips et le cinéma” with special reference to Barre’s work with film-maker Robert Kramer. Jazz is the subject of the February 6 concert and features a Phillips quartet with Laurent Charles (saxophones), Patrice Soletti (guitar) and François Rossi (drums).

Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra,
2 place Yves Klein,
Nice, France.
Tél. : +33 (0)4 97 13 48 00.