12 gennaio 2010

Esce per l'italiana Bowindo Hums, album frutto dell'incontro tra il collettivo Advanced Music and Mixed Media Pool Palermo (in breve anche AMP2) e Tim Hodgkinson. Le registrazioni sono state realizzate nell'aprile 2009, e così le ricorda Hodgkinson: "... We faced each other around a large table in Gandolfo's luminous flat. It felt like a group of scientists at a conference. Until we started playing. The sessions were hard and long. Sometimes with saturated and wrenching sound. Then we walked to restaurants along streets of collapsing buildings with strange transient sculptures of torn cloth.The result is for me I hear: being able to move around inside the music... the components without clean finalised surfaces. But aureoled with possibility... the importance of quiet or marginal aspects of sounds in contexts where one might imagine that only big gestures would work...the zoom and shift in the ear's range here... ".
L'album si ottiene direttamente al sito web dell'etichetta: www.bowindorecordings.com