25 gennaio 2010

John Edwards e Steve Noble incontrano l'organo Hammond di Alexander Hawkins per il doppio esordio di Decoy: Spirit, in cd, e The Deep, in vinile (solo 300 copie). Scintille!
A proposito delle due sedute di registrazione, scrive Hawkins: "This is a new band – Decoy – with the awesome bass/drums team of John Edwards and Steve Noble, and myself on Hammond organ. First recording session for this album resulted in an explosion, as somehow the (otherwise lovely) C3 in Eastcote Studios decided it didn’t want to be played that day (before a single take was put down, in fact…). But second session went really well, to the extent that we actually ended up with two albums’ worth of material… a real privilege to record with Steve and John… as you can hear on the records, they’re an uncannily locked-in duo, and I think we made some interesting, and really pretty different, music".