15 febbraio 2010

Due nuove pubblicazioni ReR sono annunciate nell'aggiornamento di febbraio 2010: un inedito del 1999 di Chris Cutler e Thomas DiMuzio con Fred Frith - ospite anche Beth Custer - in un'edizione (anzi, due) limitata e soltanto in vinile, e un recente lavoro del compositore macedone Nikola Kodjbashia, Explosion of a Memory, in omaggio a James Joyce, Heiner Müller e Valère Novarina.

Golden State
A limited edition of 1969 numbered copies pressed into 180 gsm virgin vinyl and rather beautifully (and horribly expensively, as it turned out) packaged. The music was recorded in California in 1999 with guest Beth Custer (clarinet) on one track. I like it. Carefully mastered by Tom Dimuzio in wide frequency, solid footprint, broad compass stereo. Somehow this just seemed to need to be an LP, it just wouldn't be the same - sonically, visually or ontologically - as a CD. Content-wise: Tom Fred and CC do what they do and you get a good seat – as well as something exquisite to look at and play with while you listen. A thing of beauty.

Explosion of a Memory
An extended iterative, cycling, dissipating cloud of fragments, constantly shifting focus, which throws up detail, evolves, returns, settles and re-dissolves; it’s a four-dimensional explosion in which stretches of baroque, folk themes and Byzantine liturgy exist contemporaneously alongside modern and (arguably) post-modern materials and techniques, all shaken loose out of the same experiential block, much as strata emerge as tectonic plates fold one time over another. Long, beautiful, tonal stretches eventually emerge, lighter than air, drifting and attenuating to reveal, dreamily, the old simplicities behind. Full use is made of the 70 strong Macedonian Symphony Orchestra with subtle additional colouration from Kiril Dzajkovsy (live electronics), Nikola Kodjbashia himself (prepared piano) and Chris Cutler (extramural percussion). Immersive, timeless and unmistakably new, this music eschews existing schools to explore instead its own influences and contradictions. Great sound, massive footprint.