18 febbraio 2010

Mike Cooper diffonde gratuitamente in forma di podcast Blue Guitar-Ten Songs for Guitar and Voice, suo recente lavoro ideato a partire da testi di Thomas Pynchon e realizzato in solitudine - eccezion fatta per un paio di interventi dell'amico Tim Catlin - con chitarre acustiche ed elettriche affatto particolari: "The instruments I use here are resophonic guitars. One a metal bodied 1930's vintage National Tri-Plate and the other a copy of the first but made in carbon fibre by Alan Timmings in 1996 and given to me as a gift. These instruments have a very particular sound, volume and - as their name suggests - resonance. They don't work like other guitars and they make music unlike other guitars. Even playing them with or without finger picks, in plastic or steel even, produces a different timbre and 'feel'. The American composer Lou Harrison liked the National guitar so much that he wrote pieces specifically for it with altered fret positions to facilitate his just intonation scores. They are art-deco masterpieces."