11 marzo 2010

Dagli incontri in studio e in concerto di un paio d'anni fa nasce The Celestial Septet, album che vede il quartetto Rova e il trio Nels Cline Singers uniti in unica estesa formazione: Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin, Steve Adams, Bruce Ackley, Nels Cline, Devin Hoff e Scott Amendola. Nelle note di copertina - che si possono scaricare in .pdf dal sito dell'etichetta New World Records - Derk Richardson torna brevemente a citare il curioso episodio occorso in Spagna a un concerto del Larry Ochs’ Sax and Drumming Core lo scorso dicembre (episodio poi ridimensionato dallo stesso Ochs): "On December 7, 2009, Larry Ochs’ Sax and Drumming Core - with pianist Satoko ujii, trumpeter Natsuki Tamura, and drummers Amendola and Donald Robinson - performed at the Sigüenza Jazz Festival outside Madrid, Spain. During the first piece, an audience member stormed out and reported the band to the police for not playing jazz. Spanish Civil Guardsmen arrived on the scene to investigate the festivalgoer’s complaint, which was allegedly based on his doctor’s advice that it was “psychologically inadvisable” for him to listen to “contemporary music,” as opposed to jazz. Clearly, the patient did not feel healed. “The question of what constitutes jazz and what does not is obviously a subjective one,” said the festival’s director Ricardo Checa, “but not everything is New Orleans funeral music.” The Celestial Septet has yet to be formally charged with disturbing anyone’s peace of mind, but its unconstrained explorations of texture, color, mood, and space, as well as its manipulations of melody, harmony, dissonance, and rhythm might send even free-jazz devotees into a disoriented swoon".

Due video su YouTube mostrano il settetto in azione nei concerti del 2008: