26 marzo 2010

E' ormai quasi pronto il film biografico sul geniale compositore statunitense Raymond Scott (1908-1994) realizzato dal figlio, Stan Warnow. Anziché 'Raymond Scott - On To Something' come annunciato in precedenza, il titolo sarà 'Deconstructing Dad'.
Un breve estratto è in http://tinyurl.com/yg8bqew

Raymond Scott was one of the most prolific and central figures in 20th century music, with a career that began in the 1930s swing/big-band era, and continued through the experimental electronic music age of the 1970s. Although Raymond Scott was a famous figure during the mid-twentieth century, and currently has a dedicated cult following (that includes some of the most renowned names in the music world), he remains largely unknown to the general public.
But now there is a documentary film in production about this maverick musician, composer, inventor, and electronic music pioneer that will help raise awareness of this under-appreciated visionary. 'Deconstructing Dad' tells the story of Scott’s life and career from a unique perspective, that of his only son, Stan Warnow. During the past several years, Stan has been making a documentary film about his pioneering & eccentric father. The film combines archival footage & historic photographs with interviews of Raymond Scott's family & professional colleagues, as well as followers such as John Williams, Mark Mothersbaugh, Don Byron, Hal Willner, & DJ Spooky. The documentary's soundtrack has been constructed entirely from Scott's own compositions.