30 marzo 2010

Esce per l'etichetta Intakt il primo album del quintetto frithiano Cosa Brava: si intitola Ragged Atlas e contiene registrazioni di studio effettuate nel dicembre 2008. A proposito del gruppo - protagonista di un'intensa tornata di concerti due anni fa, e atteso nuovamente in Europa a fine maggio - ha detto Fred Frith: "Over the years I’ve done a lot of improvising, and composed a lot of music on paper. I’ve written for orchestras and string quartets, directed ensembles of improvisers of all descriptions, produced scores for dance and film. I even somehow became a Professor of Composition! But I really miss what you can do with a rock band. I miss developing material through the push and pull of cooperative rehearsals, I miss what happens when you move away from “the parts” and start formulating things with a collective ear, I miss the single-minded commitment to a group identity. The musicians in Cosa Brava can improvise, read scores, AND rock the house... Like I say, if you pick the right players, chances are the music will take care of itself.”