09 marzo 2010

Nick Didkovsky annuncia la pubblicazione entro il mese prossimo di 'The Gift Of Purpose', album dal vivo del trio Bone costituito assieme a Hugh Hopper e a John Roulat nel 2003: il cd uscirà per Cuneiform in edizione limitata - soltanto trecento esemplari - e il ricavato delle vendite andrà interamente a sostegno della famiglia del compianto Hopper.
Scrive Didkovsky: "I got a message the other day from Hugh's wife Christine. She reported that since Hugh's passing, she's been struggling with finances. Of course she's also struggling emotionally, as she misses him terribly, but the gist of her message was a call for financial help. She recalled that Hugh told her that if she ran into trouble, to ask her friends for help. So she did.
In response, John Roulat, Steve Feigenbaum, and I decided to produce a limited edition benefit CD, 'The Gift Of Purpose'. We are splitting the manufacturing costs and donating the gross income to Christine. Steve has already wired her some money in advance. It will be a Cuneiform Record. The bulk of the benefit CD will be a beautifully recorded Bone concert that we did at Orion Sound in Baltimore (the night before our in-store at DMG). We might include an additional track or two with some special guests, but that's pending so I won't say more about it right now. It will be in digipak format, with cover design by Bill Ellsworth (who does Cuneiform Records). So it'll look and sound very very good. We are not giving out any freebies to radio or reviewers. There's ONLY going to be 300 of these, so any CD we give away is $15 less going to Christine. And anything we sell for less than $15 is less money going to Christine. I hope you can support this project!"

Da New York concorre alla distribuzione dell'album Downtown Music Gallery, che intende anche promuovere un concerto in memoria di Hopper. Alcuni estratti video dagli ultimi concerti del trio Bone - quelli del febbraio 2008 citati da Didkovsky - sono in

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