22 marzo 2010

Oltre che prenotando in anticipo una copia del cd 'The Gift Of Purpose' presso Downtown Music Gallery a New York - l'album, su etichetta Cuneiform, uscirà probabilmente a fine aprile - è possibile fornire sostegno immediato alla famiglia del compianto Hugh Hopper anche con donazioni tramite PayPal, presso ReR. Scrive Chris Cutler: "Dear friends of Hugh. Hugh's wife, and daughter Rosa, are in temporary but pressing need of help. Christine has just come out of hospital and is still not in good shape. Meanwhile, for complex reasons, compounded by the glacial pace of the law, they are desperately short of money. If you are able to help, please send your donation to us - or add it to your order - and we’ll pass it on immediately. Or buy the Brainville3 CD and we’ll send all the money to them. Or use the Paypal link. Thanks."