30 aprile 2010

Attesa ristampa dell'album Pipedream di Mark Charig, raro titolo Ogun frutto di alcune registrazioni effettuate con Keith Tippett (all'organo) e la cantante Ann Winter in una gelida chiesa a Southmead, Bristol il 14 e soprattutto il 15 gennaio 1977. Scriveva il cornettista nelle note di copertina: "It was Keith Tippett's idea to use the organ, mine to get out of town. So we went to Neville's church in Southmead, two very cold days in January. Most of this music was played on the second day when the church was more heated. The atmosphere and acoustics of the church suggested much of the music which is all improvised. No electronics are used." In cd c'è anche un inedito: The Trio Gets Lost In The Magic Forest.

A really amazing little record - quite different than anything else we've ever heard from British trumpeter Mark Charig - and for good reason, too! This unique performance was improvised live in a country church - Charig exploring the space magically with his trumpet, while Keith Tippett plays away on the church's organ - making these really weird and wonderful sounds that create a similar vibe to some of the sparer improvisations you might hear from Sun Ra! The mix of organ and trumpet is amazing - and other cuts feature wordless vocal sounds from Ann Winter, which are equally haunting, but in a different way too.