29 maggio 2010

Evan Parker ha tenuto qualche giorno fa due concerti per lo Steim di Amsterdam assieme al suo Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, unito e al gran completo il 18 maggio per illustrare le strategie di 'The Moment's Energy' - recente album per l'etichetta Ecm - e frazionato in formazioni articolate e dinamiche ('Break Ups') la sera precedente: di quest'ultima c'è parziale documentazione nei video pubblicati in www.youtube.com/user/jacquestourneur

Evan Parker (1944) is a key figure in European improvised music and one of the most important and ground-breaking saxophonists since John Coltrane. With tenor sax, soprano sax and electronics, he has developed his own individual vocabulary, a central feature of which is inventing new playing techniques. Since the sixties, he has worked with countless musicians; from like-minded avant-garde performers such as Derek Bailey and Cecil Taylor to rock adventurers like Robert Wyatt and contemporary electronics pioneers such as Squarepusher. Parker’s fascination with the electronic manipulation of sound is shown in his Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. The members of this ensemble have each made their own name in the international avant-garde music scene. Half of the impressive group comprises musicians who improvise on acoustic instruments, and the other half are pioneering sound artists, using electronics to directly alter sound and thus the relations of the performers, a kind of music making which still doesn’t even have a name! The result is a new sort of orchestral music with a panoramic scope, layered and with infinite mutations.