21 giugno 2010

UbuWeb mette a disposizione in .mp3 gran parte della produzione ufficiale degli anni 1988-2002 dei 'plagiaristi' Tape-beatles, il cui nucleo principale - Lloyd Dunn e John Heck - è tuttora attivo con sigla Public Works. C'è anche la collezione di audiocassette pubblicate fino al 1989 dalla rivista PhotoStatic, anch'essa interessata a varie forme di collage e riciclaggio artistico e sonoro.

The Tape-beatles were a collaboration of varying membership that make music and audio art recordings,"expanded cinema" performances, videos, printed publications, and work in other media. They worked under the aegis of Public Works Productions. The Tape-beatles began creating works for audio tape in 1987 and espoused the use of plagiarism as a positive artistic technique. Their work drew more or less exclusively from the previously "finished" works of others, assembling fragments of these works into entirely new constructions that did not exist before the Tape-beatles made them.