21 luglio 2010

ReR Megacorp accompagna il piano di ristampe in ottimo vinile dei classici Legend (Henry Cow), Hopes and Fears (Art Bears) e The Faust Tapes (Faust) - oltre al nuovissimo Golden State (Chris Cutler, Thomas DiMuzio, Fred Frith) uscito nei colori oro, bianco e nero - con uno scritto dal titolo In Praise of Vinyl: "All this music was designed for vinyl. That means it was equalised to get the most from an analogue reproductive system, powered by physical vibrations; it was planned and programmed to be heard on two sequential but self-contained sides, each with its own musical logic; it is housed in artwork scaled to a substantial 12” x 12”, not in eye-straining 8 point type with no space for pictorial detail. And while CDs offer instant access to any track, sustain greater dynamic range, save storage space and eliminate the old bugbear of surface noise and scratches, they have reduced and narrowed the larger experience LPs offered when they were they still the primary gateway to recorded sound. Time passed and vinyl refused to die. What’s a megacorporation to do? Reissue the cream of our classic titles in their original format of course. And while we’re about it, release some new work in the old medium. Vinyl is a ritual format – it needs careful handling, cleaning and looking after; it has character – every LP reproduces its own breathing, murmuring and hissing patterns inside the music as the needle moves along the groove. Over time they change. LPs demand attention, you don’t throw them about, and you don’t listen to them casually on the train or in the street. Or through earbuds. Or tiny speakers. They are a medium for high quality reproduction and focused listening. Of course not everyone wants to be bothered maintaining a personal and time-consuming relationship with the music to which they listen. These are for those who do. In 30 years most CDs will be too degraded to play. LPs preserve their contents for centuries and, since they are essentially mechanical, won’t be rendered obsolete by the planned obsolescence of electronic replay technologies."