25 luglio 2010

Un ricordo di Harry Beckett è oggi in un messaggio di Mike King pubblicato in What's Rattlin'?

"My musical ear for Harry Beckett's playing goes back to the mid-70's when I first heard the Brotherhood of Breath records. Then picked up everything I could with Harry on it, and I found him never less than beautiful in his musical personality and soul. This man spoke his own soul and was on equal ground with the greats of the flugelhorn. Thus it was an honor to meet Harry Beckett and Annie Whitehead when they were in Toronto with Charlie Watts' Big Band, back in 1988. I hold fond memories of taking them to CKLN-FM where I conducted an interview towards producing an hour long radio special. That's when I first encountered Harry's infectious smile and peaceful eyes, to say nothing of his warm Barbadian accent. That's the other reason so many great musicians wanted to have Harry work with them - it wasn't just his horn that exuded sunshine! Anyway, he told a story during that interview when I asked him what he thought of his old records for Fontana and RCA. He remarked that he hasn't heard them in years, but while driving recently he heard some music on the radio that caught his attention: "I thought who is that player? I've heard that player before, he's good... oh, it's me!" Time to listen to his classic Flare Up album. RIP Harry Beckett."