27 luglio 2010

In ricordo di Harry Beckett scrive sul Guardian John Fordham. Anche Jazzwise annuncia la scomparsa del trombettista, e ospita un commento di Michel Delville: "Harry had one of the most distinctive voices on the international jazz scene. He was equally at ease playing free jazz, dub, reggae and electro-jazz. He was also a true friend and one of the kindest persons I've ever met. I already miss the music, the phone calls and the jokes. RIP."
Anche altrove amici e colleghi di Beckett lasciano note personali di ricordo e di commiato:
Geoff Castle: "I was very sad to hear the news about Harry. I was very honoured to play with him with Graham Collier's Music in the early 70s. He lived very close to my parents' house in Newington Green and would often stop and chat with my father outside his photographic studio on the Green. He tipped me off when Ian Carr was about to call me to join Nucleus in 1974. He was a truly inventive player with a light touch and a great sense of humour which all contributed his unique style."
Graham Collier: "The sad news was waiting when I returned home after a few days away. My music owes so much to Harry that I can't imagine it without him being in there somewhere. If there was a jazz god he would have showered Harry with every prize imaginable. As there isn't we can just cherish his contribution. Which is immeasurable."
Fred T. Baker: "It was a joy to work with Harry all those years. And thank you for believing in me when others didn't and for giving me the space for creativity and being an inspiration. Harry was very special in any way and will be badly missed by all of us. As well as the serious side of playing music it's the dry humor and the fantastic laughs we had with him. No more funny phone calls at the wrong time of the day, it is truly sad."
Trevor Watts: "Harry was always a pleasure to play with, and always indicated to me that he enjoyed very much our gigs together. A lot of that was to do with own his undoubted good humour, encouragement and enthusiasm. We would always have a lot of laughs together, and I can hear his voice now saying "Hey Trev, how's it going," with a wry smile on his face. I'd always try and reply with some tongue-in-cheek remark, and we'd be having a laugh from that point onwards.He was a great player that found the key all musicians like us are looking for. The way to "get it on" every time he picked up the horn. He'll be sadly missed by many people. Not least of all myself. I was glad to have known him. Very sad."