10 luglio 2010

Voiceprint provvede alla pubblicazione all'interno di una propria serie dedicata a musiche per cinema e televisione - inclusi spot pubblicitari, sigle e video promozionali - di alcuni antichi materiali prodotti allo scopo da Mike Ratledge e Karl Jenkins. I due volumi si intitolano Movement e Some Shufflin'.

Karl Jenkins and Mike Ratledge both have a number of things in common. Primarily both were members of that revered British band Soft Machine and both are composers of note. Karl Jenkins is perhaps best known for his album Adiemus which was a massive international hit which has spawned a number of successful follow up albums. Both musicians have also been involved in the composition and production of what is known as "library music" for a great many years. This genre of music has been in existence for many years and involves the composition and recording of music for film and television which can then be taken "off the shelf" for various film and television programmes. It can also be specially commissioned music for specific projects.