05 agosto 2010

Inizia tra pochi giorni la ventisettesima edizione del francese Mulhouse Music Festival, dallo scorso anno denominato anche météo: "météo (i.e. weather, weather forecast) must be as its name says: unpredictable, unexpected, lenient, loathsome, instable, changing, risky. A festival made of the weather changes you find in the music lands, a festival where by looking at the sky, despite the clouds, despite the pollution, you can sometimes still catch a glimpse of the stars. This festival is dedicated to contemporary music, classical music, jazz, rock, traditional music, multimedia practices, etc...".
Il programma completo - oltre 38 concerti, dal 12 al 28 agosto - si trova in pdf in

météo Mulhouse Music Festival
BP 1335
68056 Mulhouse cedex
Tel. 33 (0) 389 45 36 67
Fax 33 (0) 389 25 29 42