26 agosto 2010

Un importante nastro con canzoni ancora in versione provvisoria registrate nel 1963 da Phil Ochs è stato recuperato dal fratello a un'asta un paio d'anni fa, quasi per caso, e ora costituisce l'album On My Way (1963 Demo Session), pubblicato da Micro Werks.

Recorded at the Florida home of future Highwayman Roy Connors, this informal 1963 session finds Ochs running through his original material, including several key titles he’d later record for studio releases, in the hope of interesting other artists (in this case Connors’ Vikings Three) in playing or recording his songs. This is a terrific package, documenting a folk troubadour early in his career, bursting with music that had something to say. In addition to the twenty-five songs, the tri-fold cardboard slipcase includes reproductions of two ads for the House of Pegasus concert run that brought Ochs to Florida in 1963, and liner notes by Michael Simmons. This is an important release for fans, and a terrific document of the folk-roots revival. It’s more spontaneous than Ochs’ studio albums, and though not as polished as his official live albums, the passion, craft and dedication that minted Ochs’ legend still burn brightly in these demos forty-seven years later.