29 ottobre 2010

E' per l'etichetta Slowfoot il cd di debutto del Monkey Puzzle Trio, un progetto di Charles Hayward, Nick Doyne-Ditmas e Viv Corringham guidato sul terreno di incontro tra canzone, ricerca sonora e improvvisazione. Si intitola White World, e un paio di estratti sono in www.myspace.com/monkeypuzzletrio.

A new experimental project featuring This Heat drummer Charles Hayward, Monkey Puzzle Trio releases its debut album for the Slowfoot label. The other two members of this trio are double-bassist Nick Doyne-Ditmas and vocalist Viv Corringham. Somewhere between avant-jazz and song-craft, the music on White World was all conceived from free improvisation committed to tape over four days. The recordings were then sifted through and edited into their final shape, coaxing out an abstract and rather original set of musical collages that seems to slip between recognisable musical forms.