21 ottobre 2010

Il suo vero nome era Ariane Forster, ma la conoscevamo come Ari Up, forza trainante delle 'storiche' Slits, gruppo tra i più riottosi e influenti nella stagione del punk londinese e che lei stessa fondò nel 1976, sulle basi di uno smisurato amore per il reggae, assieme alla batterista Palmolive (Paloma Romero, successivamente una delle Raincoats). Da qualche anno il gruppo era tornato in attività con nuove produzioni discografiche e concerti, recentemente anche in Italia. La notizia della scomparsa della cantante è di ieri.
Così Ariane una volta descrisse la nascita del gruppo, lei studentessa appena quattordicenne: "I was still listening to Abba. I was a little schoolgirl in my poofy dress and long hair. I wasn't listening to rebel music, really. I was just listening to everything that was around me. "Dancing Queen" was my favorite. But I didn't take to none of these people. Like, who were they, these chicks in costumes? I couldn't relate to any of these women, whether they were like "Charlie's Angels" type glossy pop people, or disco slutty-looking whorey-looking women, or hippie scruffy women. I found my identity through punk. I found it by going to a Clash rehearsal in '76. I was never the same. I came back with spray paint all over me, tearing up my clothes and putting on an old shirt like a mini that barely covered my butt. That was it. I stopped combing my hair, and I found my identity. My mom took me to a Clash concert, that's where I met Palmolive. She had a little earring made out of a little pig, and she looked out of this world with her spiky hair and her motorbike boots and her tiny little mini. She just looked crazy. Palmolive just came up to me and said, "Let's do an all-girl band. Can you sing? Come tomorrow to rehearsal." And the Slits were made the next day."