06 ottobre 2010

Robin Williamson è in questi giorni in Italia - fatto assai raro - per alcuni concerti nelle vesti, a lui assai congeniali, del poeta e cantore solitario: questa sera a Puianello, RE (Cinema Eden), domani a Milano (Teatro Dal Verme, con inizio alle ore 18.00), e venerdì 8 ottobre a Lugagnano di Sona, VR (Club Il Giardino).

Scotland-born multi-instrumentalist Robin Williamson came to fame as a founder member of the sixties psychedelic folk-rock group The Incredible String Band and played Woodstock, but moved on from that period of his life to become an accomplished poet, storyteller, author and Celtic bard in every sense of the word. As a performer Williamson has played thousands of gigs in all sorts of venues, from being a main act on festival stages, such as the Avalon stage at Glastonbury Festival, to much smaller and intimate settings that include stages set up in art centres, castles, cafés and church halls. His gigs are always very different and can be full of surprises. Robin is a skilled harpist and plays both traditional folk tunes as well as his own songs. He also plays guitar, bass, violin. harmonica, keyboards, bagpipes, whistle, banjo, mandolin, sitar, oud and a whole host of other instruments.