13 ottobre 2010

Terry Riley, George Brooks e Talvin Singh suonano il 15 ottobre alla Multisala MPX di Padova per ricordare il grande maestro della tradizione vocale Kirana, Pran Nath: è un'iniziativa del Centro d'Arte, in occasione del settantacinquesimo compleanno di Riley.

Terry Riley performs Indian ragas with arrangements played by the ever progressive saxophonist George Brooks and Mercury Music awarded tabla player Talvin Singh. George and Terry both studied under the master Pran Nath, whose music was rooted in the masters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As a young man he survived a harrowing journey during partition from Lahore to the new nation of India and later to the US where his most dedicated students absorbed his teachings and continue to reflect on them in deeply personal forms of artistic expression. Pran Nath took the ancient traditions of fierce dedication to craft and guru and handed them to a new generation of American disciples. Pioneer of Asian Underground music and well respected tabla player, Talvin Singh will join Pran Nath's students on stage to perform traditional ragas arranged for piano, voice, saxophone and tabla. They will focus on some of the guru's favourite ragas from the Kirana tradition such as Darbari, Bageshri, Malkauns, Yemen and Bhimpolasi. In addition they will perform works from the Riley-Brooks duo repertoire including movements from Salome Dances for Peace and Ebony Horns.