20 novembre 2010

Al più grande roditore al mondo si intitolano gruppo e album del nuovo esilarante progetto 'jungle' di Bing Selfish, cui dà non piccola mano - come sempre - qualche fuoriuscito dall'Orchestre Murphy: It's Capybara Time! Il Nostro è anche tra i protagonisti del film The Unstrument, torbido thriller ambientato nelle comunità improv e noise di Barcelona. Trama, trailer e interviste si leggono al sito del musicista, con un sunto dei più illustri pareri critici ("Difference will never be the same again", secondo John Cage).

Formed in protest at the declaration by the Pope in the 16th Century that the Capybara was in fact a fish, this group ‘The Capybaras’ strive for world peace through song and through the non-eating of Capybaras. This single/album/bingle/albumella kicks off with "Scary Death Girls"; the modern horror movie seen and taken apart by a bored 12 year old girl who already knows better. Film criticism has never had this catchy a backing before in its previous 200 years of existence. The second song is "The Capybara Suite", a heartfelt plea for understanding from the largest rodent in the world. The suite consists of eight pieces spanning musical and vocal styles and sonic worlds but is above all imbued with spirit and soul. It's an encyclopaedia, it's a lament, it's a battle cry: Capybara party in the jungle tonight!