01 novembre 2010

Dopo lo splendido Ghosts of Gold dell'anno scorso, un nuovo album di Martin Archer e Julie Tippetts, un doppio cd dal titolo Tales of FiNiN, è pronto per l'etichetta Discus. Uscirà a inizio gennaio 2011, ma le prenotazioni sono possibili già ora, e alcuni estratti si possono sentire in anteprima presso www.discus-music.co.uk/dismp3.htm

Scrive Archer: "Whereas the previous CD was basically a collection of poetry with electronic soundscapes, Tales of FiNiN is a different creature - it is very much a collection of songs, many of which reference more conventional jazz, blues and folk styles, or at least as conventional as you can ever expect Archer’s music to get. These 17 new tracks, spread over 2 CDs, also feature a wider sound palette than the last album. Tippetts and Archer are joined this time by phenomenal guitarist Chris Sharkey (Trio VD, Acoustic Ladyland), master percussionist Charlie Collins, a real string section (Paul Schatzberger, Beatrix Ward-Fernandez and Angela Rosenfeld), plus cameos from a variety of others.
As well as being one of the best ever Discus releases, it has also been one of the most expensive to produce, with substantial mastering and artwork costs. That’s why it would be really great if, once you’ve had a listen, you could place your pre-order now via the usual PayPal buttons. The CD is at the factory as you read this, and while official release will be early in the New Year, those of you ordering now will receive your copy as soon as it is off the press, which should be sometime in December. The download single is available right now.
Many thanks for your continuing support. Julie and I really hope you’ll enjoy our new music!"