13 novembre 2010

Due nuove pubblicazioni antologiche ricompongono integralmente il catalogo felice e controverso di singoli prodotti da Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin nel periodo 1981-1986, superando per completezza e qualità ogni precedente compilazione - Up From The Dark, As Far As Dreams Can GoThe Singles - con l'aggiunta di oltre tre quarti d'ora tra inediti e brani in versione estesa alternativa o rimaneggiata (anche di recente), informazioni e racconti in prima persona, apparato artistico completo e foto d'epoca poco o mai viste prima. I titoli sono Broken Records-The Singles e As Far As Dreams Can Go, entrambi in edizione speciale (anche autografata, volendo) presso Burning Shed.
Scrive Dave Stewart: "This pair of CDs are a complete document of our early to mid-'80s releases plus some extras we thought would interest collectors. The original albums have been out of print for a long time and we're happy we can now make them available worldwide - it also gave us the opportunity to tell the story of how we first met and our subsequent collaboration, which has defined our careers and lives. For the new editions we remastered the tracks from original sources and were able to extend many of them by removing the 'radio fades' we used on the vinyl singles. American listeners who bought Up From The Dark can create a pristine, updated version of it by buying both albums and re-sequencing 14 of the tracks on their iPods! We've enjoyed revisiting (and in a couple of cases, reworking) our earlier work for this project, and we hope you'll enjoy it too."