16 dicembre 2010

Due passi nel giardino delle delizie: un podcast di Rock Pop am Montag tutto sulla él Records.

él is one of only a handful of genuinely original and important record labels in the history of popular music. él was the brainchild of Mike Alway, who envisaged a seamlessly artifactual indulgence/essay in façade; imagine an ambitious cultural montage drawing on references unheard of within the traditional scope of pop including food, travel, costume, leisure and sensuality. Like the visual fantasies of The Avengers and Patrick McGoohan's Prisoner and using the recording studio as a time machine, él would simultaneously charm, educate, confuse and amuse. Alway guessed from the outset that the ambition of the approach might fly over the public's head and his estimation proved to be absolutely accurate. But the story of él is one of success. The albums contained within have changed the lives of those touched by them and transcended popular music to affect design and fashion and the cultural attitudes of a generation.