31 dicembre 2010

Naviga in acque niente affatto buone R. Stevie Moore, tanto che nella puntata del Boxing Day di Outside In, per l'emittente londinese Resonance FM, agli ascoltatori è stato rivolto un appello ad effettuare donazioni e versamenti in denaro proprio in suo aiuto. Il programma, condotto da James Tregaskis, si riascolta in podcast in http://podcasts.resonancefm.com/archives/5480; per le donazioni si può usare PayPal inviando a rsmko@comcast.net, oppure seguire quanto indicato in www.tregaskis.org.
Un'intervista a Moore registrata qualche mese fa per la rivista Bomb è su Vimeo.

Largely unappreciated musician and composer Robert Stephen Moore born in Nashville in 1950, matured in New Jersey and now returned to his home town again in 2010, penniless and homeless – will you help him at Christmas? Why not join us and help Steve by sending some money via PayPal to rsmko@comcast.net, he really needs the help...

R. Stevie Moore is an underground legend. An incredibly prolific and creative songwriter and musician, Moore has self-released over 400 albums since his classic debut Phonography, from 1976. Stylistically all over the map, Moore likens his approach to “free-form radio” and is equally adept at McCartneyesque pop, Rundgrenish rock, Roger Millery country, and everything in between. A huge influence on low-fi musicians such a Ariel Pink, Moore remains something of a mysterious character, holed up in Bloomfield, New Jersey, the “curator of his own museum”, according to his website.