21 dicembre 2010

Punch e mince pies in compagnia per stemperare le frenesie natalizie e insieme compiere un'opera buona: festicciola a sostegno del Café Oto londinese martedì 21 dicembre, in attesa del Babbo (o di Evan Parker).

Don't like Christmas songs? No. Nor do we. That's why we've programmed a whole load of them for our annual Oto Christmas party. Join The London Snorkelling Team, Leafcutter John, The Academy Quintet, Simon Bookish and legendary music hall star Miss Dora Prawnshoe for an evening of unlistenable trivia made palatable by the extra special Oto Punch and mince pies. One staggering night of carefully crafted entertainment for a mere five British pounds (sterling). Bring your friends. It's all for a good cause (Café Oto that is...)!

Café Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street, Dalston
London E8 3DL