14 dicembre 2010

The Sound of Eye mette a disposizione il video integrale - quattordici minuti - del lavoro che Pierre Hébert ha ripreso e ultimato nel 2005 a reinterpretazione di quanto prodotto assieme a Fred Frith per l'album The Technology of Tears negli anni 1986-1987, in particolare per il brano Sadness, Its Bones Bleached Behind Us. La coreografia, come allora, è di Rosalind Newman. 

The Technology of Tears is a 14 min. film engraved directly on 35mm black leader, with music by Fred Frith, that was made out of footage that was originally done to accompany a dance piece by Rosalind Newman which was premiered at the Joyce Theater in New York in 1987. The film won a Bessy Award for the best set design. The autonomous film was completed in 2005.