21 gennaio 2011

Su YouTube ci sono alcuni estratti dai concerti tenuti il 16 e 17 gennaio scorsi al club londinese The Vortex, in occasione del primo appuntamento del 2011 di Mopomoso: Michel Doneda, John Russell e Roger Turner, Claudia Binder, John Edwards e John Butcher, Thomas Rohrer, Michelle Agnes, Marcio Mattos e Rodrigo Montoya.

Mopomoso was founded in 1991 by guitarist John Russell and pianist, trumpeter and composer Chris Burn to promote improvised music and where applicable its relationship to other forms of contemporary music making. Since then we have presented over 300 concerts and a number of special events and workshops. Practitioners come from backgrounds in jazz, rock, folk, classical, electronic, world and computer generated music, with instrumentation covering everything from traditional to invented instruments. There have also been occasional collaborations with poetry, dance, film and performance art. We hold a passionate belief that improvised music, sometimes called free music or free improvisation offers many exciting opportunities both to players and listeners alike.